Are you using the SAP BI / Business Objects SDK ? If you are, make sure to join our webcasts. The sessions will be :

  • January 27 Tuesday 10:00 CET (Paris Time)
  • January 28 Wednesday 10:00 EST (New York Time)
  • January 29 Thursday 10:00 PST (Los Angeles Time)

Why should you attend ?

If you are using the SAP BI SDK many of you have experienced the frustration of changes in the calls when new service packs are released, this is time consuming and every line of custom development has to be tested. Over the years bigger changes have meant a complete change in technology for some of the interface.

Benefits of our Framework

  • SAP BI version, release independent
  • Faster certification of new fixes
  • Single technology for all calls to SAP
  • Focus on requirements not the integration
  • Lower cost to develop and maintain applications

In the last 15 years of writing applications around Business Objects / Crystal and SAP BI we have learned a few things. To speed up or own development, certification we have build the framework to insulate our application from the underlying version of SAP BI. With this have come many benefits which we are now ready to share with the world.

Yes with the framework it would be possible to write an application against Business Objects XIR2 and port it to SAP BI 4.1. The framework takes care of translating all the call to the relevant SAP BI flavor. In this specific case there is a technical architecture change from Java to RESTfull. The framework takes care of all this for you.

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