We re-engineered completely EM the software with new .NET technology, we have now a complete Audit solution on BI4.x

  • Auditor Sync : synchronize and standardize multiple BI4.x audit database to EM standard compatible with older BO versions
  • CMS Sync : create a SQL enabled representation on the BI4, XI31, XIR2 cms to a SQLServer or Oracle database
  • Compare Audit and CMS to cross compare existing assets with real usage of them (active reports, users, universe objects)
  • We developed a set of basics reports / universes on top of the database that you can customize to your needs
  • Database purge of old reports
  • Distribute applications usages to center of costs to bill effectively your departments according to their real BI usage
  • And much more

If interested please send an email to support@ebiexperts.com