QVAuctor is proud to announce the Launch of QVScriptor SP2.The QVScriptor 2013 SP2 release brings about some core new features designed for improving existing QlikView customer utilisation and improved quality and maintenance of the workspace.QVScriptor is an Enterprise QlikView Framework Management Solution

  • Administration & Security
  • Script Management
  • Change Management
  • Deployment Management

“We are very enthusiastic about this release as it was mainly aimed at existing QlikView customers with existing QlikView Applications, as well as further improvements to our source control features with script level control. We have always received this question about reverse engineering of existing QVW’s, when existing QlikView customers evaluate the product, and though an immense amount of work this is now implemented with quality. I thank and congratulate our R&D team for the really great work they have done on SP2!” Says John Paul Kirton, QVAuctor CEO.”Apart from the quality and stability fixes this release brings about our first release of QlikView Application (QVW) Reverse Engineering which enables existing QlikView customers to reverse engineer their QVW’s generated with the QlikView Client into QVScriptor. The reverse engineering feature brings the script across and generates a data schema for the script automatically. The really great benefit is that once the script has been reverse engineered the developer now has 3 scripting options – QVScriptor, Text Editor and QlikView Client as they will all port the script back to QVScriptor for compiling and maintaining the script quality. Additionally we have implemented script source control and versioning on a script level working with a check in / out function and automatic versioning of scripts” Says John Denard, QVAuctor CTO