QVScriptor SP2 Fix Pack 1 Release.We have released FP1 just in time for the holidays.QVScriptor is an Enterprise QlikView Framework Management Solution

  • Administration & Security
  • Script Management
  • Change Management
  • Deployment Management
  • What’s Improved

With the implementation of our script source control and versioning in SP2 we experienced some regression of some of the load script functions.

Bug Fixes:
Error with Application Generation when cancelling without generating the application
Schema Objects not resulting in Application SchemaExclusion of Original Name when Adding Alias to Field

  • The original name is still available in expression assets.

Application Generation when same name as Data Schema:

  • Known Issue: (will be fixed in future release) – Do not name the data schema the same as your final application name

QVD/ – 100+ fields

  • We improved this to put buttons for all selection / all de-selection & showed how to filter the view
  • Select All
  • Select None

Inline Load:

  • We have improved user ability as you needed to click on a row before to activate column, you can click on column now

Expression Editor 2* <=

  • There is 2 times the <= but no >= Changed

Delimited File Load:

  • Tested and working fine – he was loading empty file which does not work & should not happen as there is nothing to compile.
  • We have removed the add empty file button
  • Removed option to type file name in as you have to select an existing file in the repository.

AD Integration

  • Support for group import
  • Improved the single user import

Register to our site, select softwaredownloads from the download section, once you have logged into the site. The QVScriptor Team wishes you a safe, restful holiday and a great kick off to 2015! Kind Regards
QVScriptor R&D, M&S, Support teams