We are excited to inform you that we have launched WIP: January 2018 release

The release has some performance improvements to the core engine, Active Directory synchronisation of users and groups, as well as the implementation of the complexity analysis functionality for Qlik.

This release is focused on our continuous drive to improve the quality of Qlik Applications and Qlik Server and Environment Quality Control.

Qlik Environment Quality Control Through Complexity Analysis

The Qlik complexity analysis implementation not only ensures that developers are aware of the complexity of their applications but enables administrator users to implement proper quality control into their environments.

The complexity analysis function enables the admin users to set up the level of complexity they wish to accept into their environments, and should an application not be within the defined ranges, the application will not be published without the administrator user approval.

WIP stores all version level complexity data so that developers can review the improvements of the application across all the versions of an application and compare that with the changes affected within that specific version. Administrator users can also review the total environment and all the applications on the environment’s complexity ratings.

The Qlik Complexity Analysis really comes to it’s own when users wish to publish their applications into different environments. When the user is ready to publish the application, the system will inform them whether their application can be published into a selected environment or whether they would require dispensation from the administrator users. They can click on the fail status to understand which categories are above the pre-set thresholds and whether they can improve this through optimization or whether they would require dispensation from the Administrator to publish the application.

“We have implemented the complexity analysis feature configuration in a way that it is easy for administrator users to customise their thresholds per environment. Administrators have one single place whether they configure complexity indexes for the whole system. They are provided with a full view of every application and their complexity pass/fail of all applications within an environment. Should an application exceed the threshold, of an environment when publishing the application, the development user can request dispensation from the administrator users who in turn have the rights to publish the application or reject it for further optimisation. Says Jean-Philippe Golay, CTO

“We believe the complexity analysis functionality is a key feature for any administrator and developer that wishes to develop and manage optimised applications. Our environment procedural compliance checklist combined with complexity analysis will ensure no environment is unstable due to poor quality again, and truly makes WIP the best quality management system for Qlik in the market today” Says Mr. John Paul Kirton, CEO

Download our Qlik Complexity Analysis Brochure from our downloads section once registered.

Qlik Complexity Analysis Meme

Qlik Complexity Analysis Meme