WIP Release Announcement: August 2018

We are happy to announce the launch of WIP August 2018! This is a major release of our WIP for Qlik (QlikView and Qlik Sense) Product.

Please register to our webinar where we will demo the new features in more detail. WIP Release Webinar: August 2018

What new goodies are included in the release:


  • We have implemented workflow on an environment level so you are able to set up your promotion between your environments
  • You can select which promotion option you wish to follow based on an environment when you publish your files

Publish Workflow


  • We have incorporated a collaboration view which enables administration users to provide useful information to users such as:
    • Where to access support such as numbers, linked content, chat groups etc.


File: Versions

  • You can now define which type of environment you are creating i.e. DEV, UAT, PRD
  • You can now see which environment a file has been published on the file list and per version

File Version & Environment

Client Add-on

  • We have implemented an add-on for QlikView which will significantly improve the download of the QlikView file to your local machine for a check-out action from the web service
  • Each user should install the add-on to their own local machine

QlikView Publisher Task

  • You can now manage automatic reload task between WIP and QlikView Publisher when you publish your applications

File recycle bin

  • You are now able to permanently delete or restore deleted files from the recycle bin

Recycle Bin

Special Character Support

  • We now support special characters such as Chinese, Russian etc

Special Character

QlikView Hidden Script

  • Create hidden sheets in QlikView Client which you can then select in WIP
  • Set Password: Set a password in order to unlock the sheet should you wish to show it again

Processing Status (Proc Status)

  • We have incorporated a processing feature that shows you the status of the application once checked In/Out. When you create an action such as check-in or check-out it takes time for the engine to process the work, we now inform you where in the process the application is in the Proc Status column. You can see the Proc Status per application version


  • We can change the Owner of the stream/folder within WIP so the owner will have full rights
  • By selecting the Own option for a group you can select the owner and apply
  • Security is now applied on a file level not a folder level only

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