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April 23, 2019
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May 28, 2019

WIP April 2019 Release

We are ecstatic to announce the WIP April 2019 release.

This release is special for us as a company as it includes the release of our new product integration for Qlik NPrinting. 

Our product development over the last two years have been focused on producing a better web based and much more agile product than what VM4Qik was and we believe we have surpassed this objective with the August 2018 release already.

“Strategically we are now able to focus our investment into new product development which is very exciting for us as a company. With the Qlik NPrinting integration launched we now provide a full compliment of Qlik integrated products for Qlik Sense, Qlik NPriting and QlikView. We can now focus on WIP improvements and new product development. Says JP Kirton, CEO, QVAuctor-ebiexperts.

“We laid the ground floor for new product integrations into WIP with the complete overhaul of our code and implementation of add-ons that enables us to seamlessly include new integrations to the product. We can now easily integrate new product integrations to WIP. We kicked off our assessment and specification of our new Qlik product two weeks ago and we expect to deliver it to market in the next six months.” Says Jean-Philippe Golay, CTO, QVAuctor-ebiexperts.

Launch Webinar

We will host a release webinar on 9 May 2019. Please Register

CET (UTC +1)  – 15:00

EDT (UTC -4)  – 10:00

CDT (UTC -5)  – 9:00

PDT (UTC -7)  – 7:00

We will provide a link to the webinar on 8 May 2019 to all registered users.

New Products: NPrinting

The NPrinting integration enables you to source control all your NPrinting apps, reports and tasks and all related dependencies between your apps, reports and tasks. It is easy to connect to your NPritning repository and check-in all your assets in the same way we have integrated to Qlik Sense and QlikView.

Our solution automatically picks up the dependencies between your app, report and task assets and ensures you manage the publications across all dependencies of your assets. We provide a list of dependencies when you publish so that you can include dependent assets should you need to. This ensures that your apps, reports and tasks are always in sync with the latest versions within the service.

You are able to perform a comparison of changes across apps, reports and tasks and our impact analysis shows the relationship between apps, reports and tasks.

New Improvements: Qlik Sense & QlikView Task Source Management

We are now able to manage all dependent tasks to any application we import into the WIP system. All dependent applications / tasks will be imported automatically so if you import a task it will automatically import the application if the application does not exist within the WIP repository yet.

When you publish an application WIP will automatically publish the tasks associated with the application if you have set the automatic publication options, alternatively you can manually include the dependent task(s) to the environment you wish to publish into

WIP manages tasks & triggers related to an application so task triggers such as reload, reduce, distribute, document information and triggers are also managed within the integration. 

You are able to compare versions of tasks to see the changes of dependencies and task triggers etc.

Other Features

We have improved our management of extensions as well as our global search functions.

We have an optimized global check-in feature that we are able to release. This means that you can check-in multiple folders and all folder contents, at once.

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