We are in the business of structuring your work, saving you time and thus money but most of all we provide you with assurance that your work is safe, secure and auditable at all times.

We are having a super busy month with our WIP4SAPBI product release and some valuable new improvements to our WIP4Qlik product. Our latest release focusses on improving your time to delivery and protecting your work, where you work!

 Collaborative Qlik Sense Developments

Do you work in collaboration with others in your Qlik Sense Development projects? Could it be that more than one person will work on the same application at the same time? Then we have you covered! WIP now provides collaborative app development for multi-developments:

  • Collaborate with your team members using our Kanban board
  • Add multiple developers onto the same issue
  • Manage the Kanban board and comment on your developments
  • Multiple developers can check-out the application – WIP will inform you who has already checked out the application
  • Supports multiple user check-out/in
  • Perform your work and check the file back into the repository

Watch our quick Collaborative Development Video

WIP Processor

We have significantly improved our processing speed by implementing a brand-new processing solution called the WIP Processor:

  • Process batch files in seconds
  • Scans the files for contents and all metadata for your files
  • Keeps you updated on file processing on a file leve

Secured Workspace

We have secured your workspace, so you don’t overwrite your work when you check-out an application. Now when you check out an application and the same application exists in your workspace you will be provided with a dialog that will enable you to Keep or Overwrite the existing file.

  • Keep the file: WIP will create a new version of the file
  • Overwrite the file: WIP will overwrite the file with the current checked-out file

When you check-in a file from your workspace you now have the option to remove the file from My Work. Should you choose to remove the file from My Work it will be placed in the trash stream.

Contact our sales team for more information about the new release upgrade and purchase options.

Sales: sales@ebiexperts.com