Agile Lifecycle Management and Quality Control Across All Your SAPBI Assets!


Control Everything!

As a source control product we ensure we control all changes across your SAPBI environments providing you will full audit capabilities to ensure root cause on any level. We manage the servers, the users, user access, security, file changes, file dependent tasks and extensions, versioning, version change comparisons, impact analysis, publications, rollbacks and more.

  • Our source control works from the file metadata level and incorporates our new WIP Processor which scans all the file metadata and provides you with a detailed list of changes comparisons, data lineage & impact analysis etc.


Keep It Agile & Collaborate

Our Agile requirements approach to BI development, quality assurance and testing, packaging the results and publications have been hugely successful for our customers. Our full API enables you to intergrate any existing requirements/issue management system to WIP4SAPBI. Feedback from our customers are that they appreciate the ability to work and manage their work across different teams such as developers, admins, business users and analysts all can interact and monitor the process of their work in progress.

Structure Your Work

  • Our Agile KANBAN based requirements/issue management solution ensures that your work is managed within a maintained framework


Administration Control

We have centralized all administration functions in one section that only the admin team can access. Administrators can set up and configure, manage users and user access, security and what users are able to do, track and monitor all tasks, process dispensations, manage workflows etc.


Quality Assurance

Our quality assurance gateways ensure that your developers follow their procedures before they are able to publish assets into your environments.


Audit Everything!

Our system logs everything that happens within the system in a meaningful manner, so you are able to perform your audits quickly and efficiently. You are able to restore your work by the click of a button. You can see exactly who did what and when and what effect that caused.

  • We provide a full audit of all the events, changes, processes etc. within the system. Administration users can easily track everything, see all tasks, manage all users, review all publications etc.



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