Qlik Sense Hub Integration

Don’t leave the place you work to manage your Qlik Source Control!

We are happy to announce that WIP now integrates directly to Qlik Sense Hub!

What Does It Mean?

This means you can access your Qlik Sense Source Control directly from Qlik Sense Hub, without having to go to another interface to manage access to your files via WIP Source Control.

You can access any of your files that are source controlled in the WIP repository, or add files to the WIP repository directly from Qlik Sense Hub. Collaborate directly from Qlik Sense Hub and collaborate with other developers to accomplish the work.

  • Manage Files In WIP From Qlik Sense Hub Directly
  • Add Files To Be Managed In WIP
  • View Files That Are Checked-Out From WIP
  • Collaborate With Other Users When Already Checked-Out


This is a great example of how we can show the strength of our API in addition to the integration we are working on for Jira Kanban.

“We will continue to integrate closer and closer to Qlik Sense Hub with the objective of not having to leave the hub for anything your wish to do with your source control of your files, agile development control and monitoring.” Says Jean-Philippe Golay, QVAuctor-ebiexperts CFO

We got great feedback on these features from our test users and existing customers!

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There’s More?

Some additional good news is that we now support MariaDB as our repository so if you have MariaDB instances in your organization it can be utilized for your WIP implementation.


What Else Is New?

  • We have launched WIP4SAPBI and is now globally available
  • Read More about our November 2019 Release which features Qlik Sense Collaborative Development, WIPProcessor and Secured Hub Integration
  • See how you can partner with us and launch your own Managed Services Solution with WIP!

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