Certainty in uncertain times!

Extraordinary times and in this year of Covid19 we are fortunate to be in an industry that is able to work remotely.

Speaking to our customers revealed their gratefulness for the continuation of the work while in lockdown, and the knowledge that controlling the work while not in the same offices would have created major challenges. should they not have implemented source control.

We asked why?

  • The majority of customers said versioning and locking of the file. This naturally prevents anybody else to work on the same file at the same time which is never a good idea when it comes to QlikView and SAP files
  • Collaborative work in a controlled environment on Qlik Sense
  • Those customers running the Agile Kanban module finds it the perfect way to mange their remote work as they can assign the work, collaborate on the work and monitor the progress of the work remotely
  • A time to improve. One of our large USA customers are taking the opportunity to migrate to Qlik Sense and implement our Qlik Sense Hub Integration solution
  • Most of our customers informed that they have not had any auditing or issues that required rollbacks but they certainly sleep better knowing they can with a click of a button
  • Feedback from our partners that have built their Managed Services solutions on WIP have informed that they are in full control of their customer’s environments and able to successfully manage their risks

These are some strange times whether we want to go back sharing physical space with our colleagues and stakeholders most plan to continue working remotely. WIP provides you with a method to manage and execute your work remotely ensuring compliance to quality and control policies.

What are we working on?

Our next release of WIP will provide a modular solution able to provide you with only the functionality you find useful within your own working methods.

  • Base Package: Source Control & Publication Management (Any vendor product or group of products)
  • Qlik Sense Hub Integration Module
  • Kanban & Issue Management
  • Jira Sync with WIP Kanban
  • Analyst Monitoring & Collaboration

We are also working on a new product which is SUPER secret and we are not sharing any information about this program as yet but we look forward to a beta release in July 2020.

Remotely Yours

Wishing you and yours a safe time from the whole ebiexperts team!

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