As we find ourselves avoiding the pandemic and getting our lives and economies back on track the work must continue! We spent some good time on making our solutions more flexible through provision of a modular purchase option for our WIP Source Control products as well as released some improvements in our August 2020 release.

Modular WIP

The new modular WIP provides the following models that you can bold onto your WIP Base module should you require them:


  • QlikView only / Qlik Sense only options
  • Include additional Qlik products for 30% upliftment of your base product price
  • NPrinting only or combined options
  • Kanban & Issues + Analyst users included / excluded module options
  • All options include 10 base users and additional users can be purchased
  • Our soon to be released Jira integration can also be purchased as a module. We are in final testing phases and will be released end of August 2020.

August Release Notes

Our June release provided some new functionalities for Qlik Sense on which we have improved as well as incorporated full support for Crystal within our SAP-BI August release.

Please see the short release note below:

  • Qlik Sense: SAML Login, login Qlik Sense using the same authentication that the Qlik Sense Proxy
  • Qlik Sense: @Work folder, find all your checked-out version in one place, Qlik Sense Hub replacement,
  • Qlik Sense: Open button, open a checked-out version to Qlik Sense Hub
  • Qlik Sense: Create App button, create a new Qlik Sense App, add it to WIP and open it in Hub
  • Qlik Sense: Load Balancing, if a cluster switch central node, WIP will follow
  • SAPBI: Crystal Reports support
  • SAP-BI: Webi, Crystal, Universes impact analysis
  • SAPBI: IDT Universes destination enhancements
  • General: Kanban Board, show only Business Unit the user’s belong to

Find a detailed list of all our release notes here.