Dear Customers & Partners

This year has certainly not been without it’s challenges and here at ebiexperts we are quite happy to close out another growth year for our business. We thank you for our mutual successes during 2020 and we thank you for your continued support as we sprint into 2021.

2020 Highlights:

We spent some good time improving the quality of our software. We upgraded all our code to the latest version of the various software languages we utilize and this for me, was one of the major highlights and a major win for us moving forward.

We have release many new features and some very welcome functionality the further enhances our integration, performance and agility of our WIP products.


2021 Plans:

  • We have great plans for some new products to hit the market starting March 2021 (in progress)
  • Major “source control where you work” enhancements (planning)
  • Additional vendor integrations (planning)
  • Additional Agile integrations (planning)

Our support is open for any issues you may have during the holidays.

As we take some time with families and friends in these trying times we wish you health, safety, rest and regeneration! Have a fantastic festive seasons and we look forward to being in contact again from January 2021.

Your Sincerely

The ebiexperts Team