WIP March 2021

While we are super busy coding away on our new product to be released end of March 2021 we have been able to also take care of some improvements and a couple of issues experienced with WIP.

We are giving anybody that can guess what our next product is a 10% discount on their next purchase or renewal! We are hoping to receive some jokes if you don’t wish to take a guess.

New WIP Features & Improvements

WIP | General

  • JIRA Sync : Subtasks now supported
  • WIP is now only 64bit
  • Business Units support in publications, filters and Kanban
    • Publish issue: Added Business Unit field for publish for approvals
    • Added Business Unit Filter to Pending Publications
    • Added Business Unit Filter to Issues
  • Enhanced UI
    • We have a much smoother look & feel and dynamic rendering


  • WIP now support SAP-BI4.3
  • Delete files on server after check-in option added, will remove the file on the webi server

WIP | Qlik Sense

  • Qlik Sense February 2021 supported
  • Qlik Sense November 2020 Patch 2 supported
  • Qlik Sense SAML login slow performance fixed…
  • Extensions dependencies improved with additional field option support
  • Reload after publish. WIP can manually triggered reload of <<AppName>


WIP | Qlik NPrinting

  • November 2020 supported
  • Some maintenance issues fixed