It’s been a minute since we have sent out some updates. This is the first communication of our new product launch teaser & competition campaign.

We are very happy to announce we will soon launch our newest product called “SAM” globally. We have entered selected partner and customer testing cycles and will release SAM on 6 September 2021.

Warning: You’re about to get teased…

Working with our testing partners and customers has been amazing and the excitement is beyond our expectations! We have discussed with partners and customers and every single company has shown interest in SAM, so we know it’s welcome in the market.


If you think you know what SAM is, please add your answer here and should you be correct you will go into a draw for:

  • SAM’s first version will carry your name or your company name or a suitable agreed launch version name to market
  • Join our launch webinar and announce your “named version” of SAM to the audience and officially launch the product on 6 September 2021
  • One year free subscription license (Enterprise Site) for (optional)

The bigger your Qlik instance is the higher the returns…

Register to the SAM Launch Webinar

Webinar Date: 6 September 2021

Venue: Zoom

Time: 16:00 Zurich

Register in advance for this webinar: Please register here

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Bit of SAM history:

We started discussing the product in 2015 and specified the product in 2016 and up till 2020 it was still going to be a manual self-service product, then we got a bit clever…

What is SAM?

SAM is a unique new product that automates a key function in Qlik.

SAM automates a very maintenance intensive process within Qlik. SAM lowers risk, increases speed to insights and even our Minimum Viable Product (MVP) will leave you wondering what we have planned for Phase 2.

The work SAM automates is generally performed by a developer and we have developed a self-service capability with SAM where business can manage SAM…

Why do Qlik Admins and Qlik developers love SAM?

Are you a Qlik developer and you want some more time back?

SAM provides things like SingleTouch & NoTouch automations…

Keeps you up to date with error alerts

Provides KPI’s for compliance % now why would we provide that?

SAM integrates to Ebiexperts WIP our Agile Source Control, versioning, quality, publication and audit software.

Follow our teaser campaign on Twitter and LinkedIn.

We’ll release some best practice white papers next week and have a vibrant discussion on Twitter Spaces. Ensure you are registered to our site for updated information on the product launch and an invitation to the launch webinar.

*Terms and conditions apply

  • The draw will be a blind draw by Ebiexperts sales manager
  • There will only be one winner drawn
  • The winner will, based on legal validations, win one year (12 months) subscription for SAM
  • The winner must consent to publicly communicate the prize and possible business value as agreed
  • The winner must represent a company and able to publicly announce the company and the prize including the use of a company logo
  • The winner agrees to participate and announce SAM in our launch webinar (optional)
  • The winner agrees to participateand join the launch webinar panel (optional)
  • The winner agrees to announce the agreed launch version name in the launch webinar (optional)
  • The winner announcement will be made wether the winner participates to the launch webinar or is unable to.