WIP & SAM Updates Released

Very excited about the new feature for SAM and an improvement update for WIP!


We have implemented the long awaited automated on-boarding for SAM.

First, I don’t think we gained enough high-fives for the instant reload feature we added to SAM last year. Instead of waiting hours or days for a reload we perform one instantly… takes about 5-30 seconds and we’re done. Thus, your people gain instant access to their apps practically instantly without any delays.

Employees and contractors can now request access to their application data from SAM directly. SAM will validate their security access, provide them with a list of applications they may access. Applications are split between Admins for unknown people and app owners for known people who require data level access. Get in contact with us at sales@ebiexperts.com for a demo or check out the SAM videos on our site. If you haven’t seen SAM in action yet, check out the demo video.

What’s New in WIP:

WIP today is a very stable product thanks to some great feedback from all our partners and customers. There are some issues from time to time and this is what we fixed this time around.

We have non the less been playing with some user ability user experience ideas for the navigation and page layouts. We look forward to working with our beautiful test partners and customers and keeping everyone up to date with some exciting new design updates in due course.


  • Version mismatch. Wrong version is displayed in the ‘About’ field
  • Fix WIP crash when viewing destination


  • Optimizing SAP service – Fix CPU issue
  • Fix change variables when publish for RPT


  • Fix change variables when publish for QVW