As the first step to “being where Qlikies works” we have created an iFrame extension for Qlik.

You can now access WIP and Section Access Manager (SAM) directly from Ebiexperts Qlik Sense Governance Applications available from our support site.

What are Ebiexperts Qlik Sense Governance Applications?

Our Qlik Sense governance applications are prebuilt analytical and reporting views of WIP and SAM data repositories.

Ebiexperts have created some views which we think can be useful for the governance and audits of your source and security control. These apps can be freely utilized and amended with your own Qlik Sense Client-Managed licenses.

Why an iFrame?

The iFrame renders Ebiexperts product front ends within a Qlik Application, thus you don’t need to leave the Qlik Hub in order to access WIP or SAM, you can now access our products directly from their respective governance apps within your working environment i.e., Qlik Hub.


Please Note:

Active Backup (AB) Governance Application is pending release.

We are in testing phase for Qlik cloud thus we can only confirm it works for Client-Managed implementations at this point.

Please find the required instructions on how to activate the iFrame from our support site:

  1. Log into Ebiexperts support site here.
  2. Please find installation instructions here.
  3. Download the Ebiexperts extension and Governance Applications from here (direct link & would require login to our support site).