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What’s The Value?

Complexities Made Uncomplicated

GRC processes and procedures also extend beyond IT operations into business and analyst operations. This generally becomes a time consuming challenge when you have multiple agile workloads to deliver quality applications and reports with balanced data.

We work with multiple applications and reports cross multiple systems and environments with an end goal of providing quality application that don’t consume more resources than they should, are controlled throughout the process, and published too the correct audiences with the correct data access.


Quite the adventurous journey! Let’s see how we support your DevOps and DataOps controlled processes and procedures.

How Do We Do It?

Our products are completely API based and built agile from the ground up.

We provide an agile board integrated to Jira or any other agile system you utilize to manage developer workloads, requirements, issues and package releases. We improve collaboration with comments and email alerts ensuring tasks as delivered with quality and on time.

We control the total development process, data security and backing up valueable applications and reports you develop and administer for your business stakeholders.

We manage the source and quality of applications all the way from inception to publication and data access ensuring full control of the total process including policy validations and admin dispensations for unqualified applications.

We provide administrators and developers all the capability to effectively manage their Work In Progress (WIP)

Control Everything!

Our GRC capability ensure you collaborate “in one place”, work in one place and control all your work in one place ensuring validations, checks and balances.

Handovers, mergers, acquisition, combinations of teams and work are managed with ease as we manage all the metadata as to what happened, when, where and by whom. You will always know the state of your deliverables as we enable analysts to track and monitor the agile board with statistical accuracy.

Take the risk out of your day! Make it uncomplicated and enjoy some java instead.

WikiLeaks Introduction

DevOps is a set of practices that combines software development (Dev) and IT operations (Ops). It aims to shorten the systems development life cycle and provide continuous delivery with high software quality. DevOps is complementary with Agile software development; several DevOps aspects came from the Agile methodology.

DataOps is a set of practices, processes and technologies that combines an integrated and process-oriented perspective on data with automation and methods from agile software engineering to improve quality, speed, and collaboration and promote a culture of continuous improvement in the area of data analytics. While DataOps began as a set of best practices, it has now matured to become a new and independent approach to data analytics.

DataOps applies to the entire data lifecycle from data preparation to reporting, and recognizes the interconnected nature of the data analytics team and information technology operations.

DataOps incorporates the Agile methodology to shorten the cycle time of analytics development in alignment with business goals.

DevOps focuses on continuous delivery by leveraging on-demand IT resources and by automating test and deployment of software. This merging of software development and IT operations has improved velocity, quality, predictability and scale of software engineering and deployment.

Borrowing methods from DevOps, DataOps seeks to bring these same improvements to data analytics.