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Our Agile board management ensures you are always in control of your Work In Progress.


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data governance for qlik
data governance for qlik and source control for sap-bi
governance for qlik and source control for sap-bi
data governance for qlik and source control for sap-bi
source control qlik, source control for sap-bi
wip and source control for sap-bi
source control for sap-bi
Data management for qlik

WIP Managed Services:

Are you a Qlik, SAPBI service provider or an in-house IT/BI department that provides managed services to your customers and stakeholders? If so, we can save you a ton of time and margin through improved efficiencies across the board and we ensure you can manage your liability with your customer!

If you have not been able to manage the risk of a managed services solution, you may wish to reassess the method to achieve this without much liability to you and your customers!

Core Value Points

  • Complete control of who can do what
  • Completely Agile to drive deliverables and efficiencies (development time, quality, peer reviews etc.)
  • Quality Management that ensures the quality of the files meet the environment requirements
  • Publication Management ensuring the correct file goes to the correct environment
  • Comprehensive audit
  • Central Administration control
  • Service Level Agreements with response times, fix times etc. becomes a breeze as we are managing the quality of the work and  controlling all the processes

Agile Board

Our agile board integration ensures your work is always managed in an agile manner. Agile board includes collaboration and notification features that ensure all stakeholers are always aware of all changes as they happen.

Work Assignment

Ensure your change requirements are assigned to the correct developer and that all stakeholders are included to all collaborations.

Integrated Publication

Link your issue to the application and all application assets into a package and publish the package directly from the Kanban.

section access management for qlik
data management for qlik

Source Control

WIP tracks and controls all changes made to all applications and dependensies across various versions of the assets.

Our Check-in/out functionality ensures that assets are locked for editing and new versions are create when assets are checked back into the repository.

Ensure you know who, did what and when at all times. WIP scans your asset metadata for all changes.

data governance for sap-bi

Change Comparisons

Compare versions against one another to see all changes between versions.

Impact Analysis

Explore the impact of removing source or output files across your assets.

Quality Control

There is nothing worse than an environment falling over due to poor quality applications. Our Quality control features ensure your policies and procedures are adhered to across all environments.


Set up custom checklists for validation by the developer that all policies and procedures have been followed before publishing to an environment.

Complexity Analysis

Prevent poor quality developed applications are not published into your environments by activating the complexity analysis across your environments.

Publication Management

WIP manages all publications ensuring that only people that are able to publish can publish to various environments.

WIP publication management ensures only good quality applications and assets are published across your environments.

WIP keeps a history of all publications and provides a one-click rollback should anything not work with your publication.

Manage Quality & Dependencies

WIP publication management ensures only good quality applications and all dependencies are published into your environments.

Who, When, What

WIP tracks all publications and provides a version based view per application of which application and dependencies such as tasks and extensions are published into which environment.


Some features we thought you may find valuable.

Collaborative Development for Qlik Sense

Multiple developers can develop on the same Qlik Sense Application – See it in action

WIP Processor

Super fast processing of check-in/out & publications etc.

Qlik Sense @Work Integration

Doing your work in Qlik Sense? Now you can open your Qlik Sense file directly from WIP @Work without accessing hub first.

Check In/Out

Checking out an application locks the application and dependencies so no-one can change your application while you are busy with it.

API Integration

Explore your BI environments and bring your assets direclty into the WIP repository.


Manage all application destinations for check-outs ensuring that the application is checked out to the correct folder or stream every time.

Global Variables

Manage your global variables in a central place and ensure they are correctly executed across your various environments.


Manage your global connections in a central place to ensure your applications always reload correctly across their respective environments.

Admin Configuration

Centrally configure all your administration requirements such as user management, security, environment management, Audit Management such as SOX & Other.

Partner Reviews

I am very excited by the partnership with ebiexperts. As SAQlik we are focused on becoming the analytics journey partners for our customers, WIP contributes significantly to us realising this vision. Ensuring that users’ needs are communicated, documented and tracked from conception to release of the app is a critical component of speeding up the journey and ensuring the destination delivers on expectations.

James Hickman

MD, Deixis (Pty) Ltd Previously (SAQlik – South Africa Qlik Master Reseller)

Partners are a very important part of the Bardess – Qlik ecosystem. We select our partners, including ebiexperts, carefully to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our customers.

Barbara Pound

CEO, Bardess (USA)

The Business Value of software is sometimes hard to determine. This is clearly not the case with the Qlik management tools from ebiexperts. Healthier, speedier and more lasting results speak for themselves and explain quickly why one should invest in this software.

Michael Schwanz

MD, High Coordination (Germany)

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data management for qlik

Latest News

New customizable tabs put you back in control so that you can see what’s new at a glance and decide which emails you want to read and when.



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