Governance Risk Compliance


We’ve got your GRC covered!

As we transition to distributed enterprises and regulated real-time data exchanges, we notice a dramatic increase in data regulations which form part of the overall data governance requirement as a data management imperative.

It’s a journey

Business Intelligence GRC is a journey of process control and we’ll get you there in rapid time.

Generally data governance processes include Governance Management, Business Glossary and Metadata Management. Overall governance management requirements are the management processes which control the data assets, access, security and privacy.

Different countries and industries are strictly regulated on data privacy, policies and procedural requirements data management cross multiple environments and platforms. Additionally personal data protection acts are increasingly becoming more complex to manage.

Data as a critical asset is generally disseminated via business intelligence products such as Qlik and SAP-BI.

Easy to learn and configure

Majority of risk are process controlled. We have reached the inflection point of human process driven organisations vs system processes driven organisations and the latter prevails.

Our solutions are Application Programming Interface (API) based providing controlled automation experiences. Organisational risk and compliance are managed by systems and system processes. We add value to existing GRC solutions or replace them. We integrate our processes to your existing governance processes such as DevOps / DataOps and completely automate their controls within an existing GRC framework.

Risk rocess related risk is what we add to your current competencies to ensure the work is managed and the BI data are controlled and auditable.

Maturity based

Our solution supports your maturity growth as they are module based.

Customers generally start by controlling their development (DevOps/DataOps) processes with our source control solution which they run natively, as controlled by our system, or API integrated and triggered by other systems.

Ensuring the correct users have access to the correct data is essential and our SAM for Qlik solution ensured control on a row data level. The solution is very easy to use either as an WIP integrated product or a stand-along product.

Data is a critical asset and your Business Intelligence assets are the core to your organisational competitiveness. We ensure your assets are retained for as long as regulations required. Active Backup for Qlik is a very easy to use product for configuring asset retention policies are adhered too.

Fly, we’ll catch you!