Qlik Sense Client-Managed iFrame Solution

Our product roadmap brings us closer to where developers and aministrators of Qlik work which is within the Qlik QMC and Qlik Applications.

We have created an iFrame which customers can now add to their Qlik Sense Client-Managed deployments to access any Ebiexperts products within their Qlik Applications.

The iFrame is a representation of Ebiexperts products (WIP, SAM, AB) front-end application running within a Qlik Application.

The example demo below shows how we incorporated WIP within the Ebiexperts WIP Governance Qlik Sense application. Users can add the iFrames into any application they are currently working on or any new applications.

We have also updated our Proof of Concept (POC) servers with the iFrame solution so reach out to us for access or a live demonstration.

Setup Steps

It’s very easy to implement the iFrame:

  1. We provide you with an iFrame extension. Please download the extension from our support site.
  2. Administators should upload the extension to your Qlik server.
  3. Configure the iFrame by adding your Qlik server URL into the iFrame properties in the Qlik Application (see WIP iFrame Demo)

Thats all. Enjoy working with WIP and Qlik within the same application.

WIP iFrame Demo