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Jira Atlassian Integration

Jira is a great Agile change, incident, issue management system that works on issues and also provides an Agile board for issue tracking. We have integrated to Jira Cloud and on-premisses server.

WIP for Qlik & WIP for SAP JiraSync integration provides a 1:1 synchronisation integration with Jira board and backlog. Whatever tasks you perform on WIP will automatically synchronize to Jira and visa-versa so you only have to perform your work once (WIP or Jira) without having to manage multiple instances of your changes/issues, users, projects and Kanban boards.

You can now have a off the shelf Jira API integration to WIP which only requires an installation of the plug-in and a commercial license to use the integrated product.

Our strategy with WIP is to provide WIP where you work thus the integration to other Agile change management systems are inevitable.

We will continue to roll out integrations to other Agile management systems so please check in from time to time or contact us should you have an inquiry about our integration roadmap.

Board & Backlog Integration

Now Synchronising With Jira

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JiraSync Demo



  • Jira On-Premise Server
  • Jira Cloud Server


  • Project Assets
  • Issues & Sub Tasks
  • All Configurations
  • Users & Methods


  • WIP Board
  • Issues
  • Backlog

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data governance for qlik and source control for sap-bi
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