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John Paul Kirton

Chief Executive Officer

John Paul Kirton leads QVAuctor.

Mr. Kirton has extensive management and management consulting experience specialising in performance management and business intelligence. Mr. Kirton has a long history of technology solution design experience as well as growing technology companies. Mr. Kirton has been working with BI companies for 12+ years as a specialist solution designer, partnership and account management.

Before QVAuctor Mr. Kirton worked for another software development company as a director of their international business as well as a key member of the R&D strategy team.

Jean-Philippe Golay

Chief Information Officer

Mr. Golay leads the R&D.

Mr. Golay has extensive development experience in various technologies as well as being a business intelligence specialist. Mr. Golay has extensive experience in database, data warehouse, application development languages and project management.

Before QVAuctor Mr. Golay has owned and consulted in other technology companies.

Teemu Lehto

Non-Executive Board Member

Mr Lehto is an experienced software business professional with a strong creative drive. Mr Lehto is currently a Senior VP with an established Performance Management Software Company leading their innovation business focussing on system process improvement.
Mr Lehto’s objectives are to communicate vision, motivate people and work hard together to reach objectives.
Automated business process discovery (ABPD), process mining, data mining, software business, strategy formulation and deployment, research & development, innovation, marketing & communications, business process management, performance management, risk management, quality management, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property rights

Markus Jokinen

Non-Executive Board Member

Mr Jokinen specialises in lifecycle management of technology companies. As Co-Founder and Partner of Respect Ventures Group, the experience gained in venture fund management, has enabled Mr Jokinen to successfully manage companies from start-up to exit.

Mr Jokinen has been involved in more than 25 technology companies either through direct or venture capital investments. Mr Jokinen specializes in developing opportunities and ideas into valuable technology assets. Currently Mr Jokinen is involved in a selected group of high tech companies in USA and Europe.