Partner With Us

Implement the value of Agile Lifecycle Management within your own organization as well as for your Qlik and SAPBI customers.

Partner With Us

Implement the value of Agile Lifecycle Management within your own organization as well as for your Qlik and SAPBI customers.

Partnership Types

We provide two types of partnerships



Distributor partners are large BI software reseller companies, that have a country or multiple country wide footprint, and able to support their sub-channel partners directly.


Reseller partners are smaller BI companies that are more localized to an area. .

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How Partnership Works

We believe that partnerships are a two way investment in the success of our mutual customers.

We provide our partners with the training needed to support every step of the solution implementation. We provide pre-sales, sales and technical training to ensure you can support any complex BI environment.

We provide partners with leads in their local territories.


Implement WIP As A Service

It is recommended that all partners implement WIP within their own organizations. We provide you with free licenses for your own instance and people.

WIP As A Service means you can use WIP as a remote service delivery platform to your customers. Remote connect WIP to your customer’s environments from your own instance and publish your work directly to your customer’s environments with full source control.

Find A Partner

We are actively recruiting partners globally so please apply to partner up.

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“As a distributor partner we not only sell, train and implement the WIP solution to our customers, we also run our total Managed Services Solution on the WIP platform. The platform completely supports our various managed services engagement models with our customers”

says John Paul Kirton, MD, Modernising Management (Pty) Ltd.

“We have many clients with mature well governed IT procedures.  The development, test, production cycle is well defined with Qlik Sense Enterprise, so why WIP?  Primarily because it amplifies the skill of the administrators.  The workflow engine is ideal, supporting agile development practice and a key feature is Complexity Analysis which gives administrators a consistent benchmark for evaluating Qlik Sense Apps before promoting to test or production; of course all this over quality version control.  WIP is a brilliant example of the value of the Qlik Sense Enterprise platform/API strategy.”

says Adam Barrie-Smith, CTO, Deixis (Pty) Ltd Previously SAQlik

Partner Success Story

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Partner Reviews


I am very excited by the partnership with ebiexperts. As SAQlik we are focused on becoming the analytics journey partners for our customers, WIP contributes significantly to us realising this vision. Ensuring that users’ needs are communicated, documented and tracked from conception to release of the app is a critical component of speeding up the journey and ensuring the destination delivers on expectations.

James Hickman

MD, Deixis (Pty) Ltd Previously (SAQlik – South Africa Qlik Master Reseller)

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Partners are a very important part of the Bardess – Qlik ecosystem. We select our partners, including ebiexperts, carefully to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our customers.

Barbara Pound

CEO, Bardess (USA)

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The Business Value of software is sometimes hard to determine. This is clearly not the case with the Qlik management tools from ebiexperts. Healthier, speedier and more lasting results speak for themselves and explain quickly why one should invest in this software.

Michael Schwan

MD, HICO-Group (Germany)