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WIP manages all change lifecycles between requirements and users to
ensure efficient processing of your Work-In-Process.

WIP integrates with your Qlik and SAPAnalytics environments, making it easy to
create your source control repository and manage it effectively.

WIP manages your files quality across your various deployment environments,
ensuring the deployment of files to the correct locations, by the correct people,
and working correctly within the environment.

WIP: Work-In-Progress Overview

WIP is our flagship, web based, product for Qlik and SAPAnalytics file lifecycle management.

WIP ensures all user types are actively engaged in your change management processes through active collaboration, tracking and monitoring of progress, agile release management, test management and quality control throughout all your environments.


WIP: Integrated Solution


WIP integrates with your Qlik and SAP BI environments making it easy to create your source control repository and manage it effectively.

WIP manages your files across your various publication environments, ensuring the publication of files to the correct locations, by the correct people, and working correctly within the environment.


WIP: Addressing Real Challenges

WIP addresses real business user, developer and administrator challenge across your Qlik and SAP BI environments.

Download: WIP Brochure


WIP: User Types

Different user types with different interests are involved in your change lifecycle of your Qlik and SAPAnalytics analysis.

Business users wishes to request changes and track the progress of their requests to satisfactory completion.

Developers implement change and release changes for user testing which are then published on approvals.

Admin users wish to centrally control their environments, users, security and quality of their environments to ensure stability of the environments.


Business Users & Analysts

WIP ensures interested parties are in control and up to date with all development requirements. Users can request changes to applications and reports and assign work directly to their allocated developers.

Issues are raised and tasks are assigned per requirement. Business users are able to monitor the progress of work performed by developers, through the completion of tasks.

Users can collaborate with developers and track all changes throughout the development process. Our KANBAN based agile development process ensures users are notified of all progress changes, collaborations and releases of the work.

Download: WIP User Brochure


WIP ensure an iterative development and release management process between users, developers and administrators of environments.

Developers manage their agile development, and release process, through the KANBAN board across various environments. Developers can collaborate and keep stakeholders up to date with the implementation progress.

WIP makes it easy for developers to publish new versions of their files and file content between different environments.

Download: WIP User Brochure


WIP provides a central control area for all environment administrators, ensuring they can effectively manage the total BI lifecycle management process.

Administrators can centrally manage all setup configurations and quality assurance across their various environments.

Download: WIP User Brochure


WIP: Source Control

Source control ensures one version of the truth across your Qlik and SAPAnalytics environments.

WIP retains one file across many environments and versions. WIP provides an agile KANBAN based change request lifecycle and release management solution ensuring both business users and developers are always in sync on the latest progress of their work and releases.


WIP source control ensures you have one version of the truth. WIP manages one master version of your file, which is then changed, effecting different versions of the file being published across your environments.

WIP manages all the metadata around all interactions, changes, and publications of your files. WIP provides visual version comparisons across different versions of files enabling users to track who, changed what, and when. WIP also provides data lineage views on application and report level.

The automated version management, through check-out / check-in process, ensures all changes are contained and monitored. User don’t have to be concerned about overwriting each other’s work anymore and can track who is currently working on different files.

Publication source control ensures users can review which versions of files are in different environments across the Qlik and SAPAnalytics BI estates.

WIP provides you a full audit of all your changes so you know who, did what, when, and how!

Download: WIP Brochure


WIP: Quality Control

WIP Quality control is an essential part of the product. We have implemented quality control on both the file and environment level.

Our Integrated Qlik Complexity Analysis ensures poor quality files are not published into your environment. The analysis is provided on a file and file version level enabling a comparison of complexity improvements across versions. Publication of any file that does not meet the environment's pre-set thresholds will require dispensation from the Qlik Administrator for publication.

Additionally, we have an environment specific publication checklist, that ensures developers have followed procedure before they are able to publish into different environments.


WIP quality control has been implemented on two levels, file and environment. File level quality control ensures the complexity of your file meets the approved complexity level set for the environment you wish to publish into.

Environment level quality control ensures development users have followed due process and best practice procedures before allowing them to publish into an environment.

Download: WIP Brochure


WIP: Publication Management

WIP publication management ensures only people with the necessary rights are able to publish quality controlled files into different Qlik and SAPAnalytics environments.

WIP Quality checks on an environment level ensures all procedures have been followed before the user is able to publish the file.


WIP manages the publication of files across your various environments ensuring the files work correctly within the environment.

WIP provides a full view of all publications per environment as well as a rollback function to ensure the latest, working file, is in the correct environment.

WIP ensures that all development processes have been effected correctly through quality control checklists that is set up per environment. Quality control checklists ensure developers validate quality requirements for the environment, before allowing developers to publish into environments.

WIP provides a full history and audit on all publications across all environments.

Download: WIP Brochure


WIP: Administrative Control

WIP ensures administrators are in full control of all their environments.

Administrators can control their environments from a setup and configuration perspective or operational such as providing user access, reviewing an audit trial, view all notifications and collaborations between users and developers.


WIP provides environment administrators with a central view of all their setup and configurations.

Administrators can control the user access and security, user groups and roles, user access requests from their central hub. Additionally, administrator users can approve or decline all dispensation requests for files that are above the complexity requirements for a certain environment.

Due to the quality control features provided by WIP, administrator users are able to view the quality of all files per environment.

WIP tracks all interactions, changes and publications within its repository providing a full audit across the total system and all environments on a file, person or process level.

Download: WIP Brochure



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