Active Backup for Qlik Sense

Continuous Self-Service Active-Backup and Active-Restore!

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Qlik Backup

Active Backup

Active backup

Change is constant!

Aaaaarch… let’s pretend that is what you said the last time you lost some work due to IT issues, server reset’s, replaced files, session closures and the worst of all… that illusive delete button.



The Challenge

The challenge with company IT backup policies are the levels. They can generally provide you with a database backup not a file backup. This would be 80% of our assessments.

One of our customer’s we assessed actually did replace a file by accident and has this exact challenge which is everyone would need to export their work, run the backup of the total database, everybody needs to import their work back into Qlik Sense. There really should be an easier way and we have created it!




  • Daily
  • System/Database level backups
  • Takes about a day+ to restore a backup minimum
  • Generally many people involved as it may require others to export and reimport their work post the restore process
  • Costly process with support, IT, development and business staff involvement
  • May require multiple sign-offs for regulatory requirements
  • The process is not without it’s nuances… generally

The Solution

Active Backup for Qlik is a very lightweight app both in IT and budgetary terms. The app enables admins to setup their active backup and retention and restore policies that developers and business people can use to self-service their own restores as and when required.




  • Incremental 15 minute snapshot version and retention versions
  • Web based application
  • Backups both published and WORK streams
  • Active restore date range and filter based quick find options
  • Active Restore by pushing a button
  • Restore History to quickly audit who did what and when
  • Restore an app or a stream of apps or a user
  • Quick and easy setup and configuration with Qlik Sense
  • Single sign on with Qlik Sense
  • Very flexible retention policies
  • Detailed audit logs
  • Qlik sense audit app

Active Backup

See Active Backup in action!

Have a look at our DEMO RECORDING

Active Backup Launch Video

Really had fun with this session where we quickly updated on our products and roadmap as well as launched our latest product Active Backup for Qlik. Enjoy and questions are welcome.

Qlik Spotlight

John Sands from Qlik interviews JP Kirton, CEO Ebiexperts on Active Backup for Qlik Sense.

Qlik Integration

Qlik Sense Integrated

  • Qlik Sense API integrated
  • Single-Sign on Qlik Sense authentication

Active Restore

Quickly search using the Global Search or the data range and filter searches to find your assets and restore them with a push of a button.

Restore History

Quickly audit all restored based on a time range.

Admin Configuration

Easily set up your policies and configure which assets you wish to include/exclude from your policies. Manager policies across published stream and user WORK stream apps.