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Agile Qlik Source Control & Version Control

WIP provides a comprehensive Agile Qlik source control, version management, publication management and audits solution for Qlik Sense, Qlik NPrinting and QlikView.

WIP sits between your BI environments and you admin, developers, analysts, business users and controls all changes applied to a Qlik file and all file dependencies.

We have integrated WIP directly to Qlik Sense Hub so you can manage all your source control directly from where you @work

WIP manages one master file with many version of the file, and file dependancies across many environments. Versions are assigned each time a file is checked-our and checked back into the WIP repository. WIP provides views of which file version has been published to which environment so you are always working on the latest approved version in production.

WIP manages all dependencies between applications and application assets such as extensions and tasks ensuring your always publish the most up to date assets across your various environments.

WIP source control features such as change comparisons, impact analysis, complexity analysis, quality gates ensures your environments are always healthy.

WIP’s Publication workflow ensures your promotion paths are adhered to during your development processes. Environment specific quality assessments via the complexity analysis and quality gates ensure people only publish great quality apps to your environments.

WIP provides a full audit capability with a seamless easy to use user interface to find all changes to your system.

WIP is a modular product so you can add capability and integrations as you need them so only pay for what you use!

Qlik Integration Options

Qlik Sense | Qlik NPrinting | QlikView

Agile Integration Options

Issue Management & Kanban Board

Jira – Atlassian (On-Premise & Cloud Server)


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Agile Management

  • Kanban Management
  • Collaboration & Notification
  • Integrated Release Management
  • User Work Assignments

Source Control

  • Version Management
  • Change Comparisons
  • Impact Analysis
  • Access Directly From Qlik Sense Hub

Quality Control

  • Complexity Analysis
  • Environment Checklist
  • Environment Pass/Fail Control

Publication Management

  • Dependency Management
  • Promotion Management
  • Quality Control


  • Configuration
  • Security & Authentication
  • User Access Management


  • Publication History
  • Change Audits
  • Root Cause

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