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 Agile Lifecycle Management and Quality Control Across All Your SAPBI Assets!


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SAP Integrated Products

Webi, Crystal Report, IDT and UDT Universes, Agnostics (PDF Txt, MS Word etc.)

SAPBI Source Control & SAPBI Version Management

WIP provides a comprehensive SAPBI source control and SAPBI version management solution for SAPBI products. WIP augments your SAPBI environments with Agile Lifecycle Management of all your SAPBI assets.

WIP integrates with your SAPBI CMS folders and files ensuring all your server assets are managed through a secure central versioningsource control and quality control solution.

WIP provides a change lifecycle management solution that supports all changes requested as implemented across your SAPBI CMS. Change collaboration ensures development work is done according to specification and the Kanban based integrated release management is a collaborative, and efficient process.

The WIP integration with your SAPBI CMS servers enables you to browse your SAPBI environments and add files and content to your WIP repository. WIP manages all central file related metadata ensuring that files, universes, connections and so forth are changed as the files are published between environments.

Checking out files deploys them into your defined shared folder or BusinessObjects Platform. IDT and UDT Universes, Crystal Reports will open in the desktop application, Webi documents can be edited directly in the Webintelligence Portal. Once your work is completed you check the files back into the repository which would automatically assign a new version to the file and import all the file metadata for control.

Publication of files is also integrated to the SAPBI CMS folder structures enabling users to publish files to the various environments and folders. Publication quality control ensures that the various files published across various environments and are of the level of quality required for the defined environment.

WIP provides admin users with a central interface to manage the total SAPBI lifecycle management solution from user requirements to quality controlled published files. WIP provides a total audit capability that will support your SOX and other governance or compliance processes.

Agile Management

  • Kanban Management
  • Collaboration & Notification
  • Integrated Release Management

Source Control

  • Version Management
  • Change Comparisons
  • Impact Analysis

Quality Control


  • Environment Checklist
  • Environment Pass/Fail Control

Publication Management

  • Dependency Management
  • Promotion Management
  • Quality Control


  • Configuration
  • Security & Authentication
  • User Access Management


  • Publication History
  • Change Audits
  • Root Cause

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