Qlik and SAPBO Application Lifecycle Control Vendor

Ebiexperts application lifecycle control

    Planning --> Agile Board & JiraSync Automation

    Development --> Source & Version Controls

    Testing --> Release Management

    Release & Deploy --> Release & Deployment Management

    Performance --> Code & Environment Quality Controls

    Security --> Section Access Manager (SAM)

    Change management --> Agile Board & JiraSync Automation

    Retirement --> Version Backups

    Compliance & Governance --> Source controls & Governance Applications

    Feedback & Continuous Improvement --> Agile Board, DevOps/DataOps


    Ever lose Qlik development work? Are you sure you want to delete?

    Develop in Qlik without having to worry about version controls, backup policies, nor instant object restores (sheets, stories, library items etc.).

    WIP Active has you covered!

  • SAM

    Automated Section Access Generator

    Employee churn averages at 52% in the USA.Qlik Section Access control is a manual development coding process often leading to governance & compliance issues.

    SAM automates Section Access Management either directly from Qlik or an external table view in a database. SANM enables real-time self-service data access management for business users.

  • Control Everything

    Qlik Governance Risk Compliance

    What would live be like to automatically version, backup, restore and secure your Qlik Sense Enterprise environments?

    WIP Active is an automated version control, quality control, publication control.

    Section Access Manager (SAM) for Qlik is an automated (stream), self-service (reductions/omits) solution.

Application & Report Lifecycle Control

Ebiexperts solutions control application development lifecycles and Qlik section access management from inception to retirement

Application lifecycle management controls

SAPBO Version Control

Qlik Products

WIP Version Control

Qlik Version Control
  • Qlik Version Control
  • Comparisons, data impact analysis, publication history & rollbacks, global folder & variable standards, dependency automation, workflows, quality controls and audits.
  • Qlik Governance App
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WIP Active Version Control

Qlik Version Control
  • Qlik Automated Version Control
  • Automated server, stream, user and application version retention on production and development environments 
  • Retention policy compliance 
  • Instantly restore specific application objects sheets (public), stories, master items, bookmarks etc.
  • Qlik Governance App
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Section Access Manager

Section Access Management (SAM)
  • Qlik Section Access Manager (SAM)
  • Automated Section Access Generation
  • Smart (no data) reloads in Qlik
  • Business user self-service data level access management
  • Automatically reverse engineer existing Qlik scripts
  • Instant user on/off-boarding to and from applications
  • Real-time API messaging automation & in-memory cache services
  • Global configurations (Auto/Manual/Both) automated scan types
  • Qlik Governance App
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SAPBO Version Control

SAP BusinessObjects Version Control: Comprehensive manual version control, quality control, publication control and audits.

Integration with SAPBO CMS servers enables secure users to browse SAPBO environments and add files and content to WIP’s repository.

Integrated to the BusinessObjects Platform. Support IDT and UDT Universes, BO, Crystal Reports & Webi documents.

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Qlik Governance Risk Compliance

Qlik CICD | Dev/Ops | DataOps: Ebiexperts products supports many agile solution automation via our extended API.

Qlik Sense iFrame:

Add WIP Source Control, Qlik Section Access Manager (SAM), Qlik Active Backup (AB) to an iFrame within your Ebiexperts Governance Applications and work directly with Ebiexperts products from Qlik Sense Hub and/or Qlik Cloud.

Qlik CICD | DevOps | DataOps Automations

Qlik Sense Governance Risk Compliance (GRC).

Ensure Qlik source control, version control, quality control, publication control, data access control, retention policies and audits are compliant.

Ebiexperts Governance Applications

We note a major increase in Qlik Governance Risk Compliance requirements globally.

Control processes, procedures, automation and integrations to ensure audit compliance.

Ebiexperts have integrated Qlik Sense to our product repositories for comprehensive Governance Risk Compliance related analytics and audit requirements. 

Quickly validate policies and procedural controls, internal and external audit requirements with Qlik Governance Applications for version control, security and backups.


Trusted Qualified Vendor

Chubb Insurance Rotary Moen New York Life Woolworths Verizon NTT Data BlueCrossBlueShield Zurich

Customer & Partner Quotes

Siddharth Sheshadri - NTTData - Associate Director andData and Decision Engineering


We've been a customer of Ebiexperts for the last 2-3 years. It's helped us really streamline our Qlik CICD processes in our large scale and complex Qlik hybrid deployment where we run multiple instances and tenants of Qlik and WIP Version Control for Qlik Cloud really helps to keep things in scale in both our migration and instances. We evaluated various tools and WIP Version Control was not only checking all the boxes but providing additional features. On the cost side it was paying for itself. We now have so many solutions in place we don't know how we would manage that without Qlik CICD and WIP Version Control. It's a way of life now.

Siddharth Sheshadri
Associate Director | Data and Decision Engineering
Hugo Sheng - Qlik - Senior Director of Partner Engineering


My role at Qlik is to look after the Technology partners such as Ebiexperts, one of our most established partners. They have been our partner for that long as their technology works. Qlik has invested heavily in being a SaaS first company. We encourage our customers to migrate to Cloud, using our toolkit there for partner and customer to utilize. Our largest customer are adopting Qlik Cloud and we're happy with the momentum. Ebiexperts add tremendous value to the customer's life, Qlik can't solve all the problems the customer has so without partners like Ebiexperts customers would be really stuck without some enterprise capabilities.

Hugo Sheng
Director of Partner Engineering
John Wilson - Bardess - Technology Director


Really happy to work with Ebiexperts for the last 7 years now, I've both implemented and used WIP Version Control and I am happy to see the evolution of the products moving along with the evolution of Qlik Cloud. We're seeing a lot of migrations to Qlik Cloud for both Qlik Sense and QlikView, so companies like ours have been able to support those transitions and tools like WIP Version Control are incredibly valuable in that process.

John Wilson
Technology Director

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