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Source Control

Ebiexperts is a specialist agile source control, version, quality, deployment, audit, data securitybackup & retention software vendor. 


Ebiexperts provide WIP Source Control for Qlik and WIP Source Control for SAP BusinessObjects.


Ebiexperts provide Governance Risk Compliance for Qlik Sense and Qlik Cloud deployments.


Ebiexperts deliver products and solutions globally via reseller and solution provider partnerships.


WIP Source Control for Qlik and WIP Source Control for SAP BusinessObjects are agile source control solution.


Section Access Manager (SAM) for Qlik Sense and Qlik Cloud:

Qlik application data security automation and self-service data management.


Active Backup (AB) for Qlik Sense and Qlik Cloud:

Spontaneous backup, restore and retention solution for Qlik Sense and Qlik Cloud.


WIP Agile Board for Qlik

Agile requirements management, issue management, task  management and collaboration.


WIP Agile Board JiraSync for Qlik

WIP Agile Board synchronisation with Jira On-Premises and Jira Cloud servers.

Vendor Integrations

WIP Source Control has been integrated to the following vendor products to support various regulatory control frameworks.

WIP Source Control has been integrated to Qlik and SAP BusinessObjects platforms.

WIP Source Control for Qlik:
  • Qlik Sense Enterprise Client-Managed
  • Qlik Cloud
  • Qlik nPrinting
  • Qlik View
WIP Source Control for SAP:
  • BusinessObjects Platform
  • Webi Itelligence Portal
  • Webi Document
  • IDT & UDT Universes


WIP Governance Risk Compliance for Qlik Sense

WIP Governance Risk Compliance (GRC) for Qlik Sense.

WIP Governance Risk Compliance for Qlik Sense provides an agile source control, data security, application retention and instant object restore solution for Qlik Sense.

WIP Governance Risk Compliancefor Qlik Sense ensure controlled deliverables are deployed with secured data access and backed up for retention and restore purposes instantly.

Agile DevOps | DataOps Automations

Dev/Ops | DataOps: Ebiexperts products supports many agile solution automations via our extended API.

Qlik Sense iFrame: Add WIP, SAM, AB to an iFrame within your Qlik Sense Governance or Ebiexperts Governance Applications and work directly with Ebiexperts products from Qlik Sense Hub and/or Qlik Cloud.

Ebiexperts Governance Applications

Ebiexperts have integrated Qlik Sense to our product repositories for comprehensive Governance Risk Compliance related analytics and audit requirements. 

Quickly validate policies and procedural controls, internal and external audit requirements with Ebiexperts Governance Applications for source control, security and backups.

We note a major increase in Governance Risk Compliance requirements globally. Control processes, procedures, automations and integrations to ensure audit compliance.

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