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WIP Source Control

WIP Agile Board

Section Access Manager For Qlik Data Security

Active Backup for Qlik Retention

GRC Process Integrations

Qlik Sense
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Qlik & SAP Source Control

Protect your BI assets with WIP.

  • Agile Work Management
  • Source Control
  • Version Management
  • Quality Management
  • Publication Management
  • Audits

Secure Qlik Data

Self-service automated Section Access Management for Qlik

Enabling business to manage their own business critical Qlik data access. On-board/Off-board your own users and manage what data they are able to access. No-code solution.

Active Backup for Qlik

  • 15 Minute continuous backup increments
  • Self-service restore
  • Manage published streams and user apps
  • Global search and quick find
  • Single button restore options
  • Restore history details
  • Quick admin setup and flexible retention policies
  • Full audit and detailed log

JIRA Integrated

Using Jira Agile DataOps, DevOps, Agile Development Cycles?

Are you using Jira for change / issue / incident management across your business, but you find yourself having to update and work across two systems every time you raise an issue or incident? 

We’ve integrated to Jira On-premises and Jira Cloud servers.

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GRC: Control Everything

Ebiexperts Business Intelligence GRC solutions.

We are a specialist Source Control, Version Control, Quality Control, Publication Management, Data Security, Asset Retention and Audits company for Qlik and SAP.


WIP for Qlik and SAP is our flagship, web based, source control product for Qlik and SAP-BI asset change and lifecycle management. WIP controls all admin/development control processes and audits.

Section Access Manager for Qlik:

SAM for Qlik: Automated data security management for Qlik ensuring data security automation and self-service no-code controls. SAM secures Qlik Applications and Qlik Data row level security within a Qlik application.

Active Backup for Qlik:

Active Backup for Qlik: Automated self-service active backup and active restore application retention policy management.


JiraSync for Qlik and SAP Integration ensures syncronization of your Jira work within WIP and visa versa. Using Service Now, BMC Remedy or other API based products? Just integrate it for full DevOps / DataOps integrations and automations.

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Governance Risk Compliance (GRC)

GRC are integrated capabilities which enable organisations to control processes which enable users to complete transactions correctly without the complexities of being certified in various regulatory compliance requirements.

GRC govern processes and procedures on a global and operational level to ensure performance, system driven control procedures and in doing so limit risk exposure through adherence to local or global regulatory requirements.

grc for qlik

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WIP For Qlik

SAM  For Qlik

Active Backup For Qlik


JiraSync Integration

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Agile GRC Solutions

data governance for qlik

WIP Agile Source Control

  • Change/issue management
  • Collaboration & notifications
  • Development workload management and analysis & admin control
  • Integrated package release management
  • JiraSync module: Jira cloud and on-premises server integration
data governance for qlik

WIP Quality Control

  • Source control & version control
  • External asset such as extensions, variables and connection management
  • Any version comparisons & impact analysis
  • Task & dependency management
  • Quality policy management
  • Publication & roll-back management
  • User and group access management
Qlik Sense Section Access with SAM

Section Access Management for Qlik

  • Row level data mangement for Qlik
  • Automated application and self-service data management
  • Reverse engineers existing Qlik Section Access
  • User access request management and allocations
  • Instant reloads & triggers
active backup for qlik

Active Backup for Qlik Retention

  • Active backup & restore
  • Self-service no-code solution for admins/developers
  • Retention policy controls
section access management for qlik

Admin Control

  • Central admin management
  • Collaboration management
  • Governance & audit management

Rest Assured

data governance for qlik
data governance for qlik and source control for sap-bi
governance for qlik and source control for sap-bi
data governance for qlik and source control for sap-bi
source control qlik, source control for sap-bi
wip and source control for sap-bi
source control for sap-bi

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