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WIP: Work-In-Progress

WIP is our flagship, web based,  product for QlikView, Qlik Sense and SAPAnalytics file lifecycle management.

WIP provides requirements management, source control, version management, deployment management, administration and audits across your Qlik and SAPAnalytics assets.

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WIP Lifecycle Management

WIP manages and controls all aspects of a file throughout its lifecycle, from its requirement to retirement.

Whether you are a business user, analyst, developer or administrator within the system, WIP ensures you are in complete control of your work at all times.


Quality Assurance 

WIP ensures the file quality is suitable for the environment, and ensures all best practices and optimizations have been applied, before developers publish files into different environments.  

Qlik Complexity Analysis automatically applies across all your version management, source control and deployment management.

Download: WIP Brochure


WIP makes your requirement management, version management and source control, publication and administration process easy to manage, and tracks all interactions on every level to ensure a full audit of the total lifecycle process.

Download: WIP Brochure

Real Challenges Addressed

“Provides a full audit of all iterations between stakeholders and developers”

“The KANBAN based release management is critical to drive collaboration and productivity”

“Our environment is huge, so it is essential that we manage the quality of work published”

“We don’t have dedicated administrators so notifications and single interface to manage
everything is key for us”




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