WIP Agile Board Add-on for Qlik

Qlik Version Control

Agile Work

When you work agile you focus on delivery of value.  

Delivery requires people and people require management. Scrum masters, project managers and project analysts require a methodology and means to manage delivery. 

They require direct access and collaboration with developers. Additionally, analysts require updates on delivery to inform stakeholders.  

WIP Agile Board for Qlik is a digital agile board seamlessly integrated to WIP Source Control.

Easily log any requirements / issues for development and processing across DEV/UAT/PRD environments.

WIP Agile board provides collaboration between stakeholders and developers of change.

Extend WIP Agile Board with WIP Agile Board JiraSync Add-on and synchronise the end-points.

  • Digital agile requirement processing performance board
  • Developers only see their own work
  • Work assignments (ownership & stakeholders)
  • Work task & sub-task breakdown
  • Collaboration notifications
  • Backlog, ToDo, OnHold, InProgress, Done
  • Packages with multiple file types (apps, content, tasks)
  • Integrated publication of packages to UAT/PRD
  • Analyst license for monitoring
Product Integrations

WIP Source Control provides a standard Agile Board to manage development requirements.

WIP Agile Board is purchased as an additional Add-On license to WIP Source Control product and enables the same applications you have already subscribed to with WIP Source Control.

WIP Agile Board provides an extended API for integrations to other Agile products such as Jira, Zoho Service Desk, Zendesk and other agile products.

We map the product capability for project, issues and task management enabling users to work on a centralised Agile Board for all Qlik developments.

WIP Agile Board Integrations

WIP Agile Board JiraSync automates changes between WIP Agile Board and Jira server/cloud.

Map the projects and start working immediately. 

Core Features: WIP for Qik
  • Requirement lifecycle delivery management
  • Asset packaging with dependencies
  • Collaboration
  • Package deployment integration
  • User management
  • Integration API's (JiraSync)
WIP Application Licenses
  • WIP Agile Board Add-on activation license (no user licenses required as it utilises WIP Source Control Application licenses)
  • WIP Agile Board also provide an Analyst license (Work planning & monitoring of deliverables)
  • WIP Agile Board JiraSync Add-on activation license (no user licenses required as it utilises WIP Source Control Application licenses)

We Love problem statements!

  • We work Agile and require an agile method to manage our Qlik/SAP development.  
  • We need to be able to track our development investment in terms of delivery not time.  
  • Our delivery analysts need a view of our delivery plan.  
  • We need more collaboration and documentation to manage our delivery. 
  • We have an Agile system (Jira, Service Now, BMC Remedy, Zendesk, ZohoServiceDesk etc.) and want to work in one place.  
  • We would like to have all our Qlik/SAP related deliverables in our Source Control solution so we can manage delivery and control the delivery of work packets. 
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