Qlik and SAPBO Backups

WIP Version Control for Qlik and SAPBO are not only version control systems, they are active backup systems for all your Qlik and SAPBO assets.


Qlik and SAPBO Backup

Why Backup?

Implementation of successful BI solutions depend on specific organizational logic, process and decision frameworks.

Data is static in its raw format, it’s logic that transforms data into insights. Ebiexperts provide controls to manage your logic which is your competitive advantage. Protect it!

Business Intelligence (BI) application/report metadata specifically refers to the data that provides information about BI reports and applications. This metadata may include details about report structure, definitions, formulas, author, creation date, filters, parameters, visualizations, and more.

Ebiexperts Products Protect your logic whilst providing you with all the compliance audit information. We don’t only provide version control we provide version backups of your assets from the point of their inception to where they are retired and post that for auditing purposes, potentially years down the line.

Backup Benefits

  • Risk management for error protection such as corruption due to accidental deletion, software failures, hardware malfunctions, or other unforeseen events such as disaster recovery requirements.
  • Business Continuity in the event of a disaster or system outage, a backup solution enables organizations to quickly recover BI assets and resume operations without significant downtime.
  • Compliance and Risk Management: Many industries have regulatory requirements and compliance standards that mandate data retention and backup policies to prevent mitigate financial, legal and compliance issues.
  • Metadata not data thus your data is not exposed and backups require much less resources yet defines the users, components, objects, scripts, section access users in the metadata i.e. logic of the application and report per version 
  • Less compliance management requirements due to metadata not data
  • File version based backups with comparisons per version
  • Provides a view of BI growth trends and patterns such as application and report growth (change, users, size, quality etc.) and priorities
  • External file backups
  • Secure and governed access to backups
  • Comprehensive audit trail per backup version (extensive change logs and Governance Application)


In summary a business intelligence report backup solution is essential for ensuring data protection, business continuity, compliance, and risk management.

By implementing WIP and Section Access Manager as a backup strategy, organizations can safeguard their critical BI assets and maintain operational resilience in the face of unexpected challenges or disruptions.