Version Control for SAPBO

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Version Control for SAPBO

Version Control for SAPBO is an indispensable tool to maximize control, efficiency and reliability of SAPBO development environments.

WIP Version Control for SAPBO enables full process control on all changes effected within any configured environment providing the latest backed up version of SAPBO.

SAPBO version control is a detailed log of all changes and provides audit capabilities to monitor and correct any internal/external regulatory audit control findings. 

WIP for SAP Version Control for SAP BusinessObjects controls all changes from inception to retirement of code.

WIP automates processes and procedures related to controls within the development and administration of applications and reports.

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Latest SAPBO Version

WIP Version Control for SAPBO controls all development processes and enables DataOps, DevOps automation within any SAPBO environment.

WIP for SAPBO version control provides version management, publication management and audits for for SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence.

WIP for SAPBO version control provides a comprehensive solution to control SAP reporting assets throughout their lifecycles.

Integration with SAPBO CMS servers enables secure users to browse SAPBO environments and add files and content to WIP’s repository. 

WIP for SAPBO version control manages all central file related metadata ensuring that files, universes, connections and so forth are changed as the files are published between environments.

Checking out files deploys them into your defined shared folder or BusinessObjects Platform. IDT and UDT Universes, Crystal Reports will open in the desktop application, Webi documents can be edited directly in the Webintelligence Portal.

Once work is completed, check the files back into the repository which automatically assign a new version to the file and import all the file metadata for control.

Publication of files is also integrated to the SAPBO CMS folder structures enabling users to publish files to the various environments and folders.

WIP for SAPBO Version Control Benefits

Core Features
  • Comprehensive version and publication controls
  • Versioned backups of all reports for instant roll-back
  • User management: users, user groups
  • Manual file version management (Apps, content, connections, dependencies etc.)
  • Manual publication management & publication workflow management
  • Governance Application Audit log
  • Qlik Sense iFrame solution
WIP License Requirements
  • WIP Source Control for SAP Licenses
    • Amount of Professional Users (Developers & Admins)
    • Large Package:
      • Includes 10 Professional User Licenses
    • Small Packages
      • Includes 3 Professional User Licenses

SAPBO Version Control Demo Video

We Love problem statements!

  • We need to control development change control, who did what and when 
  • We need visibility on impact when planning source to target changes 
  • We need to assess development change comparisons 
  • We need to manage quality of application code and standards 
  • We need to know the health and growth of our environments and assets 
  • We need to ensure QA testing before Production publication 
  • We need to control publication processes 
  • We need to manage packages throughout the development lifecycle 
  • We need automated version management 
  • We need to know which application version has been deployed 
  • We struggle to manage deployments between servers and environments 
  • We need to control versions of BI assets such as extensions, tasks, content and other dependencies 
  • We need to control versions and comparisons of all files not only application files 
  • We need to know when admins need to act 
  • We need to share common standards and knowledge
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