Qlik Version Control Features and FAQ's

Features and FAQ's

Features Per Product

Please find our list of core features below.

Centralized Repository

All products work with a central repository which can be installed on one of the following databases:
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MariaDB

Qlik Product Integrations:

  • Qlik Sense On-Premises
  • Qlik Cloud
  • QlikView
  • Qlik Nprinting

Easy Installation & Configuration

  • Easily install, license and configure any of our products utilizing the central Administrative section for adding Qlik product integrations centrally.
  • Add environments to servers
  • Import AD users or utilize the Qlik SAML authentication integration
  • Configure user groups and business units
  • Configure JiraSync Integration
  • Configure global settings
  • Configure email notification settings

Central Dashboard

Easily access all tasks, notifications, issues, user access and publication requests.

Collaboration Board

Best practice and central knowledge base management & sharing.

Global Security

  • File (inherited from integrated product)
  • Folders
  • Users
  • Groups

Agile Board

  • Issue and task definitions and controls
  • Move issues between active board and backlog
  • Development workload controls
  • Integrated package deployment and publication controls between DEV/UAT/PRD
  • Issue update notifications
  • Issue collaboration
  • Stakeholder notifications

Agile Board JiraSync integration (licensed)

  • Work in Agile Board or Jira (Jira On-premises server or Jira Cloud) and synchronize issues and updates between the systems
  • Easily map projects, users, tasks and backlog

Qlik Application lifecycle controls

Comprehensive Application File Management Controls
  • Qlik API Integration:
    • Applications & streams
    • Content Libraries
    • Folder Connection
    • Extensions
    • Mashups & visualizations
    • Tasks
  • Folder & Stream hierarchy controls and security
  • Single view of a file master and versions across environments
  • Check in/out
  • Application version backups (metadata not data)
  • Rollback a package or a specific file
  • Easily find the latest version per publication area
  • Easily view which version has been published to which environment
  • Track changes by comparing differences between any version with another version
    • Scripts, Sheets, Sheet Objects
  • Restore part of an application such as sheets, stories, scripts, bookmarks, governed library items (WIP Active)
  • Global Impact Analysis per application/file/source/target and environments
  • Task, variables, connections, folders dependency management controls on a global and file level
  • File and file content destination automation for check in/out and publication
  • Import local files not in the Qlik repository (Qlik Sense, QlikView)
  • Publish files to selected environments or activate the publication promotion workflow to control publications DEV->UAT->PRD
  • Publication controls for files and packages with dependencies
  • Publish instantly, for approval workflow and schedule options
  • Publish private sheets
  • Publication history provide a time of all publications and publication contents for package and file specific rollbacks
  • Quality Controls: Environment publication checklists
  • Quality Controls: Application Complexity Analysis and publication approval workflow
  • Code snippet centralization for global standard code reuse

WIP for Qlik Version Control Confluence Knowledge Base

Installation Guide Administration Guild Architecture User Manual Governance Application Configuration Release Notes


We provide a library of demo videos and how-to videos for registered users. Please register to gain access to our video library and other content such as podcasts and brochures.

We actively work with Qlik partners globally and sell our products directly into countries where we don't have existing partners.

Please access our partner list from our Partners Section.

Should you not find a partner in your local country please book a session with us.

License only what you control!

Our license model is application based thus customers can purchase the amount of licenses for the amount of applications they wish to control. 

We only charge for applications that are controlled within the WIP repository.

WIP will inform users about their license consumption with notifications on 70%, 80%, 90%, 100% with an extension for up to 110% consumption.

Yes, Agile Board are included to all new purchases based on our application control purchase model.

Yes, one would need to acquire a license for the JiraSync integration.

The following repositories are supported:

  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • MariaDB

The Qlik Governance Risk Compliance Components are:

  • WIP for Qlik Version Control or
  • WIP Active for Qlik Version Control
  • Section Access Manager (SAM) for Qlik
  • Agile Board and/or JiraSync

We Love problem statements!

  • We need to control development change control, who did what and when 
  • We need visibility on impact when planning source to target changes 
  • We need to assess development change comparisons 
  • We need to manage quality of application code and standards 
  • We need to know the health and growth of our environments and assets 
  • We need to ensure QA testing before Production publication 
  • We need to control publication processes 
  • We need to manage packages throughout the development lifecycle 
  • We need automated version management 
  • We need to know which application version has been deployed 
  • We struggle to manage deployments between servers and environments 
  • We need to control versions of BI assets such as extensions, tasks, content and other dependencies 
  • We need to control versions and comparisons of all files not only application files 
  • We need to know when admins need to act 
  • We need to share common standards and knowledge
Please enter your problem statements below and send them to us for a formal response: