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Qlik Governance Risk Compliance

Secure any regulatory requirements with our Qlik Governance Risk Compliance solution!

Qlik Governance Risk Compliance for Qlik Sense and Qlik Cloud consists of the integration of three Ebiexperts products.

The integration and automation of WIP for Qlik Version ControlQlik Section Access Management and Qlik Active Version Control provides comprehensive NO-CODE Governance Risk Compliance for Qlik.

  • Comprehensive Qlik Version Control, version management and change management solution
  • Quickly find Qlik latest version deployed per environment
  • Full support for Qlik application versions, extensions, mashups and dependency management
  • Rich metadata search on files, expressions, variables, users and more
  • Agile board packages, releases and publication management
  • Workflow controlled publications and escalations
  • Instant restore / roll-back
  • Capture, monitor and control agile Qlik version control and change requirements
  • Supports single or multiple developers on a single Qlik application version
  • Automate Qlik version management of connections, variables, tasks and other dependencies
  • Qlik Version Control comparisons on any versions, impact analysis, publication history and application script quality management
  • Integrated to Qlik QMC and Qlik API's for automation
  • Extend Qlik Version Control with Qlik Data Security Automation and Qlik Active Version Control automation.
Qlik Version Control Features
Qlik Data Security:
  • Automated data security for Qlik Sense & Qlik Cloud
  • Automated across Qlik servers, streams, users, applications
  • Automated stream level  Qlik section access security access management
  • Self-service data level security access management
  • Reverse engineers existing (standard) Qlik section access or flags the section access for review (non standard)
  • Instant user on/off-boarding to and from applications
  • Application license activation/deactivation
  • Risk management through identification of applications with Qlik section access which are not controlled by Section Access Manager for Qlik Sense & Qlik Cloud
Qlik Backup & Retention Policies:
  • Multiple Qlik servers, streams, applications, users
  • Spontaneous "X" defined minute interval backups
  • Control Qlik backups retention policies for development (WORK) and published applications
  • Instantly restore latest Qlik application versions and assets such as sheets, stories, master library items, bookmarks etc.
  • View Qlik version history of all restores
  • Qlik Governance Apps for detailed backup and restore analysis
Qlik Integrated Value Add-Ons:
  • WIP Agile Board
    • Digital agile board to manage requirements, tasks, developer workload and collaboration throughout their lifecycles
  • WIP Agile Board JiraSync
    • Jira integration to WIP Agile Board syncronising projects, backlogs, tasks & subtasks, users etc.

We Love problem statements!

Qlik Source Control:
  • We need to control development change control, who did what and when
  • We need visibility on impact when planning source to target changes
  • We need to assess development change comparisons
  • We need to manage quality of application code and standards
  • We need to know the health and growth of our environments and assets
  • We need to ensure QA testing before Production publication
  • We need to control publication processes
  • We need to manage packages throughout the development lifecycle
  • We need automated version management
  • We need to know which application version has been deployed
  • We struggle to manage deployments between servers and environments
  • We need to control versions of BI assets such as extensions, tasks, content and other dependencies
  • We need to control versions and comparisons of all files not only application files
  • We need to know when admins need to act
  • We need to share common standards and knowledge
Qlik Section Access Manager
  • We are facing a lot of employee churn which leads to a lot of section access requirements leading to access delays and errors
  • We need to control section access code for applications?
  • We need to ensure section access code implemented according to Qlik standards
  • We need a self-service data owner NoCode section access solution for business/standards
  • We need to instantly apply section access to all our applications
  • We need to know exactly who has access to which applications and which data?
Qlik Active Backup
    Qlik Sense does not have a backup solution. Our backups are daily and too costly to restore everyone's work for one error that may have taken a whole day's work to achieve and requires rework.
    We have a lot of rework related to our development processes. People make mistakes and mistakes are costly. Rework is waste we can't afford. It would be great to restore the work or part of the work when mistakes and corrupted files present themselves. Our regulations/IT require controlled retention policies for Qlik Sense.
  • Regulations (standards, audits, ICT policies) requires us to backup and restore our work
  • We only have daily backups of the total repository, this does not assist with daily development errors leading to rework
  • We need to control rework waste
  • We want to restore a certain asset not the whole application (sheet, story, measure etc.)
  • We need to comply with retention policies
  • We need to control data access risks instantly
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