Section Access Manager (SAM) Automatically Controls Qlik Data Access

Section Access Manager (SAM) automatically controls Qlik data access
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Data Security for Qlik Sense Applications

Data is our most valuable asset as it drives our decision and operational frameworks.

Data management is a Governance Risk Compliance requirement both from an access and exposure (privacy data) perspective. Data exposure at any point creates risk within the business and should be controlled by data owners.

Section Access Manager (SAM) is a unique, built for purpose, enterprise solution to automate and control Section Access within Qlik Applications.

Qlik Section Access Manager

Qlik application access is assigned on a Qlik Sense Stream/Workspace level.

Qlik data security is implemented via Section Access Management script within a Qlik Application. 

Section Access Manager for Qlik (SAM) is an automated Section Access product for Qlik Sense

Section Access Manager for Qlik (SAM) will automatically assign Section Access data security on an application level and provide a self-service interface for developers and business users to instantly assign Section Access to users/groups on an application.

Section Access Management (SAM)

Qlik Section Access Problem Statements

  1. Employee churn (52% per annum: 22% on/off boarding, 30% internal role changes) 
  2. Standards & Code requirements
  3. Time delays to access (requests, support, approvals, work assignment, implementation, testing validations, publication, reload)
  4. Time consuming when on data level (OMIT, Reductions per user)
  5. Coded not NOCODE self-service
  6. Manually created not automated
  7. User audits, changes
  8. Audit requirements
  9. Which apps should have security and which not?
  10. Which apps are secure, and which are not?
  11. Which users have access to what data?
  12. Are SA standards adhered too?
  13. We need security on all applications, all the time, instantly?
  • Automated Section Access security for Qlik Sense
  • Automated across servers, streams, users, applications
  • Automated stream level security access management
  • Self-service data level security access management
  • Reverse engineers existing (standard) Section Access or flags the Section Access for review (non standard)
  • Instant user on/off-boarding to and from applications
  • Risk management through identification of applications with Section Access which are not controlled by SAM
Product Integrations
Core Solution Features
  • User on-boarding request processing
  • Multiple servers, streams, users, applications
  • Active view of all SA applications, status, owner, details
  • Exception View on all SA exceptions
  • Governance Application Audit log
  • Qlik Sense iFrame solution
Integrated Value Add: Qlik
License Requirements: SAM

Section Access for Qlik Sense Licenses

  • Amount of applications managed by Section Access for Qlik Sense

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Qlik Section Access Podcasts

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John Sands Interview

We Love problem statements!

  • We are facing a lot of employee churn which leads to a lot of section access requirements leading to access delays and errors
  • We need to control section access code for applications?
  • We need to ensure section access code implemented according to Qlik standards
  • We need a self-service data owner NoCode section access solution for business/standards
  • We need to instantly apply section access to all our applications
  • We need to know exactly who has access to which applications and which data?
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