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Modern Management (Pty) Ltd

Ebiexperts Strategic Partner: Specialist Qlik Version Control, Qlik Section Access Management and Qlik Development Governance Risk Compliance.

A data optimization company continuously increasing the value of critical data through effective data integration, data visualization, data productization, data actions and data insights. They are the perfect partner to companies who wish to aggressively monetize their data assets and increase the internal and external value of their data currency to both customers, partners and investors. Their comprehensive suite of services ensures the accuracy, reliability, and accessibility of your data, serving as the foundation for informed decision-making and sustainable actions and improvements which drive real strategic and operational growth. They provide professional services, managed support services, training services and license management services for their supported technology partnerships.



Ebiexperts Partner: Specialist Qlik Version Control & Qlik Section Access Management.

Inspired by digitally native internet organisations (iO) and creative organisations (CO) of the future, the essence of the iOCO brand is the coming together of a community of great people with the best technology to serve humanityiOCO is more than a name, it signifies a new way of operating an ICT business. As a systems integrator, their strategy as iOCO will be driven by the integrated strength of their business units, for the benefit of their clients and partners.

RicConsulting Ebiexperts Partnet

RIC Consulting

Ebiexperts Partner: Specialist Qlik Version Control & Qlik Section Access Management.

Established in 2000, RIC delivers Qlik solutions, specialist consulting and software support services across a broad- spectrum of industries. For more than two decades, the RIC team has helped customers tell the stories that live in their data. As a wholly client-centric organisation, they understand  that every client is unique, with distinctive needs.

Active Intelligence with Ebiexperts

Insight Consultling

Ebiexperts Partner: Specialist Qlik Version Control & Qlik Section Access Management.

An end-to-end data and information company, Insight Consulting works with businesses to formulate and deliver on data strategies at all levels of the organization, unlocking actionable insight with the latest thinking and technology across the data value chain. They partner with their customers on a long-term basis, using our Data Strategy framework to inform and guide their customers every step of the way, from formulating a data strategy, designing and implementing solutions, through to upskilling the workforce and driving the data culture in the organization.