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We develop augmented products for your Business Intelligence.
We are specialists in lifecycle management, change control, quality management, publication management and audits.


We have been developing our products for 16+ years and have learned valuable lessons on how large and small organisations manage their respective BI environments. Our products have been implemented with agility in mind in order to support all types of environments and processes.

The objectives of our products are to provide business users, developers and administrator users the functionalities and features they need to effectively control their work in progress.




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QVAuctor Limited is a legally registered entity with two shareholders.
QVAuctor produces and distributes the ebiexperts product range.


Business State:

QVAuctor has existing products that we sell internationally to Qlik and SAP partners and customers. 
We have an existing partner channel and direct customers across the world with our largest cluster of customers in the USA.

Our strategy is to grow the company’s product range, and market penetration with a focus on expanding our partner channel.

We would be interested to discuss bridge funding/investment options with interested investment parties.

Investor Profile:

QVAuctor are interested to speak to potential investors on the following bases:

  • Investors are able to add value to the QVAuctor business - we are not only looking for financial
    investment, rather a partnership.
  • Investors have an existing or planned vested interest in the Qlik and/or SAP BI market - this is a benefit
  • Interested in long term business success with QVAuctor

Investor Contacts:

We look forward to productive discussions with potential investors


John Paul Kirton, CEO

Email: jp.kirton@ebiexperts.com