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Ebiexperts Partner Awards 2022

Ebiexperts has a focus to expand our partner channel and thus it gives us great pleasure to promote the successes of our partners for their exceptional new customer cases as well as our continued innovation collaborations to improve our products and deliver true regulatory control value.

We whole heartedly thank all our partners for their contributions to growing our mutual businesses during 2022.

We had some very good and close competition for these awards and are happy to provide our best performing partners with our gratitude and congratulations for their successes.

European Partner Of The Year: Informatec

Solution Provider of the Year: Informatec Switzerland

Best Enabled Partner of the Year: Informatec Switzerland

European New Partner Of The Year: Business & Decisions

New Partner of the Year: Business & Decision Switzerland

Fastest Growing Partner of the Year: Business & Decisions Switzerland

USA Partner of the Year: Infosol

USA Solution Provider of the Year: Bardess

Europe: Partner Of The Year Award:

Our European business grew well during 2022 with Informatec Switzerland leading the way in both new product sales (SAM, AB) and best enabled partner, which are strategic initiative for Informatec

We wish to thank the Informatec team for the very good collaborative work our teams perform together. 

“These two rewards prove why Informatec has been a Qlik specialist BI company for 25 years and a fitting award to bolster their success. Informatec has been a valued partner for many years and truly know our solutions inside-out. This provides us with a very good platform to innovate and we truly appreciate the roadmap related feedback we receive from existing and new customer cases. A personal thank you to Rino Mentil Founder / CEO, Christian Fischer Head of Sales and the Informatec team for their continued support and dedication providing their customers with quality products.”

“We are incredibly proud of this achievement and our partnership with Exiexperts. WIP is a crucial add-on in our Qlik ecosystem which makes for a more powerful and dynamic BI environment. The seamless integration with Qlik ensures that organizations benefit from stable and maintainable BI projects.” 

Europe: New Partner of the Year Award:

Ebiexperts New Partner of the Year and Fasted growing partner of the year awards go to Business & Decision Switzerland. Business & Decision are one of the world’s leading management consultancies and system integrators for Data Intelligence and Digital Experience as well as a great Qlik partner.

“These awards are always exciting as it validates a partner’s ability to immediately create value for their customers. We truly look forward to innovating with Business & Decision and truly thank Mark Mauerhofer Head of Data Intelligence Switzerland for a excellent kick-off to the partnership. We look forward to very successful 2023.”

Business & Decision would like to thank Ebiexperts for the New Partner of the Year and Fasted Growing Partner Award. Especially in an environment with increasing demands for pragmatic and functioning solutions, we are convinced that we have found a partner in Ebiexperts whose products complement our service portfolio in a meaningful way.” 

United States of America: Partner of the Year Award!

We congratulate Infosol, a leading SAP and product development company, as the winners of the USA Partner of the Year award! 

“We have collaborated really well with Infosol during 2022. A key focus was to migrate large SAP organizations to our WIP for SAP solution and Infosol has truly been a active driving force to future proof their SAP customer’s source control capabilities. I wish to personally thank Paul Gill CEO and the whole Infosol team for the great collaborative work with these very large and complex customer cases.”

“We are happy to both receive this award and to continue our long-term partnership with ebiexperts . WIP not only continues the legacy of Version Manager as a source control tool purposely built for BusinessObjects but takes it to a new level of ease of use and functionality.”

United States of America: Solution Provider Of The Year Award!

We congratulate Bardess as the winner of the Solution Provider of the Year Award for USA. Bardess is a leading Qlik Data Management and Business Intelligence company.

“It’s always a pleasure to work with a company that truly understands the value of data and controls. Bardess customers are large, global organizations with a need to control and structure very complex environments. Bardess’ dynamic team certainly deserves this award for their diligence in securing their customers’ Governance, Risk and Compliance requirements. We truly enjoy our collaborative sessions which both improve our roadmap and drive us to futureproof our solutions for these complex customer cases.”

“At Bardess, we take great pride in our partnerships. Looking ahead to 2023, we see great things coming with Ebiexperts. This year will be amazing and bring us to all new levels of success.”

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