The Value of Business Intelligence Controls

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A company’s Business Intelligence (BI) capabilities can significantly represent and influence its competitiveness and strategy.  

Ebiexperts Controls

Ebiexperts controls the metadata of BI application (analysis) logic.  

Ebiexperts products protect the code through source control capabilities such as:

Version Management

Version Management

Code Quality

Code Quality

Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures

Compliance automations

Compliance Automations

Data access security

Data Access Security

Application backups

Application Backups

Application restore and rollbacks

Application Restore and Rollbacks

Application pubications

Application Publications

Audits and Reports

Comprehensive audits on any changes effected throughout the BI environments and assets such as applications and reports

qlik sense version

WIP for Qlik Cloud Release Webinar

Ebiexperts will be hosting a webinar on our latest release: WIP for Qlik Cloud soon. Please keep an eye out for our update on this webinar which will include Qlik and customer panel discussions on Qlik Cloud migrations and Qlik CICD, DevOps, DataOps automations. 

Partner With Us

Our business is growing and we require partnership representation to support our customers globally. We request interested Qlik and SAP reseller and solution provider partners to contact us for a partnership discussion. 

Affiliate Partner

Reseller and Affiliate Partners

Reseller Partner
  • Increase profit margins
  • Increase recurring revenues
  • Differentiate and expand customer base
  • Differentiate from competitors
  • Specialize in value added services for Qlik Governance Risk Compliance
  • Increase cross and upsell opportunities
  • Increase market awareness for both Ebiexperts and your organization with mutual marketing activities
  • Increased referral incentives by becoming an affiliate partner
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