SAM: Cutting Costs? Automate Your Qlik Section Access Management

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Cutting Costs?

Enable business self-service and automate your Qlik Section Access Management today.

How does Qlik Section Access Management impact the work of developers?

Support Services

Data security and data access management requires major investment in both technology and user management services cross all companies. Investment in data security is only exasperated by the 52%+ annual average internal change and existing employment churn rate.

Why Is Qlik Section Access Important?

Access to a company’s business intelligence applications means access to their competitiveness and thus highly valuable data is worth of protecting. Many companies are regulated which means they are audited on which users have access to which data and how securely such data access is protected and by whom.

SAM for Qlik Sense

How Many People Does It Take To Manage Your Qlik Data Security and Access?

Training Service

Many companies still control their Qlik Section Access via script, excel other non automated methods, all being poor options as they are time consuming and generally not very secure, which defeats the purpose.

How does employment churn impact Qlik Section Access investments?

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Generally the Section Access change process is a business user request to support, who in turn allocates the work to the relevant tea, who them implements the Section Access in one application or more, they then inform support who closes the ticket and the business user is informed accordingly. This process takes time from multiple stakeholders when with SAM it is immediately affected by the business user who controls the access to their own level of authority for data access provision. These delays also have a business user access time impact as they require the application to reload in order to affect the Section Access.

Section Access Manager

Why Use SAM?
  • SAM provides no-code, business super-users/application owner, self-service data access management
  • Business users who require Section Access can request access to application they require
  • Business users can assign Section Access to Qlik Groups or Active Directory (AD) Groups
  • SAM automates Section Access on a stream level with the click of a button
  • SAM will reverse engineer any Qlik standard Section Access scripts, saving time on work already done
  • SAM instantly enables or removes Section Access users from applications without the need for a reload of the data
  • SAM ensures all existing Qlik manual Section Access applications are “tagged” for control within SAM
  • Administrators have full control on which application streams and users they wish to synchronize and control with SAM
  • SAM enables Section Access across all servers and environments and license only those applications which are controlled by SAM
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