Why Agile Source Control?

Your old ways of work not working for you anymore?

It has been many years but it would seem the old dependency type implementation methods are a thing of the past having been replaced by agile methods, teams and streams that work in unison and in a much more flexible, fail fast manner.

Agility in your work has become an essential part of success. You need to prove the value first, reach the high impact benefits first, be able to re-prioritize and change direction at any stage of the work so how do you keep it all together?

Companies have invested in on-premise requirements management and incident management systems which work across the board and the business. Cloud SaaS solutions like Jira and Services Now have become household names but there are hundreds of these type systems that are supported both on-premise and in cloud. Running these systems across your business and managing the issues and requirements is important but when it comes to the management of data, decisions, actions it is important to ensure your decision support systems are well managed, quality controlled and auditable at any stage.

These systems end up being quite customized to certain processes and is not integrated to your business intelligence processes to ensure efficiency, active collaboration between business and IT or requirements stakeholders and developers and administrators or the systems.

What is the value of Agile Management?

  • Supports any agile methodology with boards such as a Kanban board with all issues in various development stages and responsibilities, stakeholders, deadlines etc.

  • Teams work in streams and resources are allocated according to your planning process and deliverable deadlines

  • Fail fast and much better solutioning methods when working in teams of different types of skills

  • Work collaboratively and always know the dependencies and workloads are managed

  • Always be on point with the plan and deliverable dates

  • Always be testing! Collaborate and ensure the product is what the stakeholder requires

  • Updates are managed daily

  • Get to the value and improve

What type of company are you?

Are you a system implementor for your customers? Do you provide managed services to your customers?

Are you a company that utilizes BI products for your own insights and decision support? Do you provide managed services to your own internal stakeholders? Do you manage the platforms, applications, files, security, users, environments, audits etc.?

Qlik version control

Then we have THE solution for you!

Work with a product that drives your agile methods and delivery cycles, not one that somewhat supports your current processes! Are you working Agile already or planning to do so in the future? Do you need to control everything as part of your custom agile methods?

WIP: Work-In-Progress

WIP was built from the ground up with Agility at its core.

WIP provides a complete agile approach to your work with its own Kanban board for BI specific developments, issues, requirements etc. not only between analysts and developers but stakeholders and administrators as well. Are you running NWOW? DevOps? Scrum? SaFe or any other methodology? We’ve got you covered!

WIP's Core:

  • Kanban Requirements & Issue Management, Integrated Release Management, Package Management of multiple file types for a single release version

  • Source Control – change comparisons, data lineage & impact analysis

  • Version Management – Check-Out / Check-In, locked files but allows for multiple collaborative developments in Qlik Sense

  • Publication Management – Ensure only good quality files and applications are published across your estate environments and universes with instant rollback of a packaged release or a single file within a package or release

  • Audits – Track & Manage Everything

Our extensive Application Programming Interface (API) extends our Kanban features to other systems for integration so if you are already using a issue management or requirements management system. You can easily integrate WIP with your existing system which would automate the processes between the two systems and provide your BI stakeholders with specific views and monitoring capabilities on their BI specific processes and efficiencies.

Control your BI developments in one place, manage all your users, implement your agile project management methods that will suit your company’s processes and WIP will conform to your ways of work to support your managed services!

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