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WIP: The Managed Services Solution

Need to manage your Managed Services Liabilities?

Are you a Qlik or SAPBI service provider that provides managed services to your customers? If so, we can save you a ton of time and margin through improved efficiencies across the board and we ensure you can manage your liability with your customer!

If you have not been able to manage the risk of a managed services solution, you may wish to reassess the method to achieve this without much liability to you and your customers!

Provisioning of a managed services solution does not come without liabilities! Most service providers can’t afford the managed service liabilities as it doesn’t matter how much you control the process the “poop” will strike the fan every now and again… This means you are liable and without a good product in place to manage all your work, you will be losing money daily, not only due to liabilities, but also due to lack of efficiencies.

What are the challenges you face in your managed services solution currently?

  • Lack of requirements management and inefficient issue management?
  • Lack of development project management capabilities across many customers and their environments?
  • Lack of development efficiencies and deliverable management?
  • Messy constantly changing processes, development methods, no collaboration or control?
  • Having to throw people at the problem to manage the various processes required and manage the assets such as files, reports, tasks, dependencies etc.…. manually?
  • Lack of admin control efficiencies?
  • Unstable environments?
  • Access & Security Management?
  • Different users and development skill levels and no quality control?
  • No auditable data to find the root cause of issues?
  • He said…. She said…. They said…. We said….

Welcome to your WIP Managed Services Solution

When you implement WIP you get a state-of-the-art source control and version management solution for your Qlik and SAPBI environments.

We integrate to Qlik (Qlik Sense, Qlik NPrinting and QlikView) and SAPBI (Webi, Crystal Report, IDT and UDT Universes, Agnostics (PDF Txt, MS Word etc.))

WIP is the foundation of a successful managed services solution for your BI managed customers. Let’s see how you can improve and manage your BI estates better with WIP:

WIP Managed Services Brief:

  • Deploy on-premise or in cloud. Put WIP anywhere and connect to your environments securely from anywhere
  • WIP comes packed with all your required management functionalities such as user management, security, access management, license management, configuration management etc. that makes it a self-contained agile solution for any managed services solution
  • WIP sits between your customer’s developers, your own developers, your stakeholders and your environments and controls everything
  • WIP provides state of the art source control and version management capability which tracks and controls everything around your files and file dependencies
  • WIP provides an agile Kanban approach to your delivery. This means that all requirements across the board are managed within the Kanban and your own people, customer’s developers, analysts and stakeholders ensuring everyone is always updated on the latest developments such as movements across the Kanban, comments or tasks being completed/added to the requirements
  • Use the Kanban to comment and action people to do their work at the correct times. Create issues as you work through the Kanban process to ensure your developers develop when they should, your users test when they should and your stakeholders are always up to date with their developments or aware of any issues that require escalations
  • Management of all the requirements and issues with priorities and status levels ensures that the deliverables are driven daily
  • If you are running an “old school” project management methods, we have you covered. You can upload all your documentation to the same instance as your project and we will version control them together with the developments and deliverables
  • WIP provides user management and workflow/promotion management that ensures efficient peer reviews
  • Our repository is open for any reporting / analysis requirements and we provide a governance app for anybody that wishes to monitor their Work-In-Progress (WIP)
  • WIP provides a completely customized quality gate control method that ensures all developers adhere to development policies
  • WIP provides quality control (Qlik Complexity Analysis) on all Qlik applications ensuring they are fully optimized and ready to enter your environments for access
  • The best thing about it is that there is a central console for administrator users where they can find and execute all their tasks such as user access requests, publication requests, peer review requests etc.

What is the value?

  • Complete control of who can do what
  • Completely Agile to drive deliverables and efficiencies
  • Quality Management that ensures the quality of the files meet the environment requirements
  • Publication Management ensuring the correct file goes to the correct environment
  • Comprehensive audit
  • Central Administration control
  • Service Level Agreements with response times, fix times etc. becomes a breeze as we are managing the quality of the work and controlling all the processes

Invest in your managed services solution today and get it 100% working and controlled correctly from the start!

Our solutioning team can assist you to solution your specific managed services processes and methods to ensure you run the way you wish to run your own service.

Do you wish to give WIP a test to see how the most comprehensive agile source control product in the market today can secure your managed services investment?

Kick off your Proof Of Concept (POC)

  • We install your solution (on-premise or on cloud)
  • We configure your solution
  • We test your solution using your own assets
  • We train your people
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