WIP Source Control for Qlik Cloud Released

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Ebiexperts are ecstatic to announce our Qlik Cloud Integration Release is now officially available globally.

If your organization is already subscribing or planning to utilize Qlik Cloud, WIP Source Control for Qlik Cloud would be a great option as it automates a lot of the nuances related to migrating and working on Qlik Cloud.

WIP Source Control automates and controls deployments to Qlik Cloud efficiently and with source controls built into the pipeline.

“I’m very proud of our team as we updated our total architecture, code base and performed the Qlik Cloud integration for this release. This integration is based on our latest modern architecture and code base which significantly opens up new deployment methods for both our products and service offerings. We have implemented new application metadata methods which improve WIP Source Control performance by minimum 60%. Qlik Cloud migrations are not straight forward and WIP Source Control will not only cut migration time by 80%-90% but will enable all regulatory requirement validations of the solution for our heavily regulated customers.”
~ John Paul Kirton, CEO, Ebiexperts ~

What It Does

If you are not familiar with WIP Source Control it’s a version management, quality management, publication management and audits product for Qlik Sense Enterprise, Qlik Cloud, NPrinting and Qlik View.

When working both on-premises and within Qlik Cloud WIP Source Control will enable you to manage, control and publish applications between on-premises and Qlik Cloud servers.

Mass Migrate Applications From On Premises to Qlik Cloud

  • Publish the application from On-Premises to Qlik Cloud server (we are working on vice versa publish from Cloud to On-Premises)
    • Set up multiple Qlik Sense Tenants and/or spaces for publications
    • Application migration moves the total application with all assets including private & public sheets, bookmarks, stories and measure libraries
    • Admins can activate automated private to public sheet conversions on publications
    • Data connections & variables automatically updates between servers
    • All version management, publication management, quality management and audit analysis included for Qlik Cloud deployments
    • Publication workflow controls enabled for Qlik Cloud servers
      Instant reload from the second publish of an application thus when publishing the file again will instantly update the application once in Qlik Cloud without the need for a reload on the tenant unless there are data changes made within the application.

Want To Know More?

WIP for Qlik Cloud Integration


  • We will migrate our Agile Board and JiraSynch integration to our new architecture.
  • We are in the process of integrating WIP Source Control with Active Backup for autonomous automation (automatic versioning, server: stream, users, rules etc. integration for our next release expected in September 2023.
WIP for Qlik Cloud Release Webinar
  • Ebiexperts will be hosting a webinar on our latest release: WIP for Qlik Cloud soon.
  • Please keep an eye out for our update on this webinar which will include Qlik and customer panel discussions on Qlik Cloud migrations and Qlik CICD, DevOps, DataOps automations.

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