WIP for Qlik Cloud Integration, CICD, DevOps, DataOps Webinar

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We are super excited to invite you to our WIP for Qlik Cloud webinar where you can see our latest product integrations and engage directly with Qlik, Qlik customers and Qlik partners who will discuss the value of Qlik Cloud and agile Qlik automations during our panel discussion.

Planning On Migrating to Qlik Cloud?

Consider WIP for Qlik Cloud as the tool to control your migration and post migration source control for Qlik Cloud. Qlik Cloud tenant can be added by administrators and users of WIP can now control both on-premises and Qlik Cloud deployments with trusted WIP Source Control features.

Bulk move your dependent data files, tasks and your applications to Qlik Cloud and control their deployment areas, versions and changes. Check applications out and work with them on Cloud, check them in, publish updated versions to managed spaces and much more.

"Qlik continues to make large investments to their Qlik Cloud service which has surpassed most BI vendor Cloud capabilities. We have upgraded our architecture and have a very aggressive Cloud strategy which we will roll out during 2023. We are very excited about our roadmap and will release some updates during our forthcoming WIP for Qlik Cloud webinar;"
John Paul Kirton
Ebiexperts CEO

We look forward to receiving you and addressing any questions you may have about WIP for Qlik Cloud during our webinar.

Launch Webinar

Date: 10 October 2023

Time: 17:00 – 17:45 CEST  |  8:00 PDT USA  |  11:00 EDT USA

Venue: Zoom

Please register to gain access to the webinar

Discussion Panel Representatives:

Hugo Sheng - Qlik - Senior Director of Partner Engineering

Hugo Sheng

Qlik: Senior Director of Partner Engineering
Siddharth Sheshadri - NTTData - Associate Director andData and Decision Engineering

Siddharth Sheshadri

NTTData: Associate Director | Data and Decision Engineering
Jonathan Israel - Bardess - VP of Business Development

Jonathan Israel

Bardess (USA Partner of the Year 2022): VP of Business Development
John Wilson - Bardess - Technology Director

John Wilson

Bardess (USA Partner of the Year 2022): Technology Director
Andrew Hughes - Informatec - Senior Consultant

Andrew Hughes

Informatec (EU Partner of the Year 2022): Senior Consultant
Jason Coggon - Head Innovation and Technology - Modernising Management

Jason Coggon

Modernising Management: Head of Innovation & Technology

JP Kirton

Ebiexperts: CEO
Taaz Khan - Ebiexperts - Enablement Manager

Taaz Khan

Ebiexperts: Enablement Manager
Jaabir Mahmud - Ebiexperts - Development Team Lead

Jaabir Mahmud

Ebiexperts: Development Team Lead
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